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Apple launches its HomePod in Japan this Summer

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The smart speaker from Apple is going to be launched in Japan “this summer.” Though the exact date of the release is not yet known we can expect it to be soon. The HomePod was rumored to be coming to Japan last year but due to unknown reason, it was shut down. The HomePod would be priced at 32,800 yen and can be bought from online sites or from offline stores.

The speaker was launched in the US, UK, and Australia in late 2017, followed by a release in Germany, France, and Canada. Mexico and Spain received the speaker after a few months, after which the speaker traveled to China and Hong Kong in January. The price of the speaker was initially $349 which was pulled down to $299 in April. The company currently released a new teaser signifying that the speaker would let you “live with new sounds”.

The news was first spotted by MacRumors about the release of the HomePod in the world’s biggest market. Though the product was announced 2 years back by World Wide Developers Conference, it is arriving at many countries this year.

The speaker would have some new features too. It is powered by an A8 chip and has audio features like acoustic modeling, audio-beam forming, multi-channel echo cancellation and it would also support the onboard Siri functionality. The device also comes with seven horn-loaded tweeters along with six beam-forming microphones and a central up-firing subwoofer. With continuous up-gradation, the device has no doubt achieved the “best speaker” of all time. The new upgrade has voice call features, supports multiple timers and can even search a song by its lyrics. Along with that, it also has a voice-recognizing feature and would be having other Shortcuts when iOS 13 releases this year.

It is still unknown that when the HomePod would be launched internationally and whether most of the countries would be able to view the HomePod in the next 5 years. But, for now, Japan would be able to have the Apple HomePod available for its citizens. Japan had expected to have the speaker in its markets during 2017 but it’s arriving now. Though the launch is very late the speaker comes with new features and better quality which would be worth the wait. The exact date for the launch would be available within a few days as the official website of Apple has only stated the arrival to be “this summer” and we don’t know exactly which month or date.

The speaker has already received numerous reviews about its brilliant quality and its features. Being the world’s biggest market, Japan would prove to be a big platform for Apple HomePod and there would be high expectations from the device and it would be necessary for the HomePod to perform well. Once it becomes a hit in Japan, the speaker won’t have any problem in launching in other countries as well. For now, we can only wait for the release of the speaker.

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