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Apple to limit the Third Party Tracking in Children’s/Kids Apps

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Apple is going to take a step towards limiting ad tracking in Children’s Apps in iOS 13. Tom Cook, the CEO of Apple will soon announce limitations to third-party tracking in Kid’s apps. The main reason is to increase the privacy for kids with more controls over what can and can’t be collected in user data.

In recent times, many third-party trackers are found stealing and tracking user data including Phone Number, location and sending it to Google and Facebook. So, to prevent these issues Apple is working to limit third-party tracking in Kid’s apps soon.

WSJ, Joanna Stern tested over Apple Apps and found trackers in 79 apps out of 80 iPhone applications. In that, some of the apps are targeted at children and included third-party trackers. They found four trackers per app on an average. So, this is the reason why they are pushing for more transparency over the user.

Wall Street Journal says that iOS Apps for children are tracking and sharing their information from iPhones to the third parties i.e, Marketers or App Vendors. In order to avoid this Apple is going to limit third-party tracking in apps on Kids division.

Apple permits developers to use third-party tracking services. The data collected from iOS apps are used for Ad Tracking, Marketing and research purposes. It seems like they are misusing the power for their profit and paying attention to the privacy of the data users.

For security reasons, Apple does not see what users choose to share with other developers and what they do on their servers. WSJ found that a Children’s iOS App called Curious World was sharing the details like users age, name, books to Facebook.

According to the report in the Wall Street Journal, this Year Apple is working on policies and tools in order to limit ad tracking in Kids app. This information can be used to target your interests. You can see the related topics regarding your recently searched ones.

Till now, there is no confirmation regarding the tracking on Children’s App from Apple Company. All you have to do is to wait until we hear from Apple.

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