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Apple might announce the transition of Mac products to ARM based processors

Apple might announce the transition of Mac products to ARm based processors

There has been news that Apple is working on, including its very own processors in MacBooks. This news has been going around for years with no particular source. It had been working on transitioning from intel I produced chips, to its processor that will supposedly be ARM-based. Recent news from Bloomberg says that the company could be making this switch soon. This timeline is supposed to be sometime in the next month. This announcement is expected by a lot of people to be made sometime during Apple’s remote Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which will be held in the week of June 22, which is the last week of June.

The WWDC is known for being the conference where Apple makes most of its big announcements. The software updates and future roadmap, and newer versions of macOS and iOS have been showcased or rather launched at WWDC in the past. It is mostly done to give the developers some time to prepare before the product is made available to the general population. WWDC is also well known for being the stage where Apple reveals most of its Mac hardware products for the first time, like the Macbooks and the iMacs.

Although Bloomberg also mentioned that this conference might just have a reveal session on the ARM-based Macbooks. It is highly unlikely that the device hardware will be made available anytime before 2021. This WWDC will have a reveal session of the ARM-based Macbooks so that the developers have some extra time to prepare their software concerning the new processor. This advance notice will allow the developers some time to prepare. The report did also point to the fact that there are no actual announcements yet about this advance reveal. Hence it may not be announced during the WWDC since the actual timeline of the reveal is not close for many months, as of now.

Apple is known for using exclusive products for building its hardware, be it the macOS or iOS or exclusive app systems. It is not very surprising that the company has chosen to switch processors. It did so once before, back in 2006, Apple switched from Power PC based processors to intel based chips. Even back then, the announcement about the processor switch was made in the 2005 WWDC. It gave the developers around six months to work on their software so that it would be well suited for the new processor.

Back in April, Bloomberg had notified that Apple was indeed planning on selling ARM-based Macbooks by next year. It had also reported that the firm was working on producing three ‘in-house’ processors to support the machines. Apple has used its ARM-based chips for all its iOS products like iPhones and iPads for generations now. The ARm based processors are now much more efficient and powerful than ever before and are expected to work just fine for the Mac products as well.

Image source: TheVerge

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