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Apple Outage Threw Many Apple Services Out of Gear on Tuesday Night

Apple outage threw many Apple services out of gear on Tuesday night.

An Apple outage that occurred on Tuesday night caused many Apple services to throw a string of error messages instead of functioning smoothly. The same information was updated on the tech giant’s status page, which stated that services like Apple TV+, Apple Music, App Store, iCloud, and many more such services were not functioning normally and that they were exceptionally slow. A few of these services were not showing up at all.

Apple did indeed confirm the issue, and it was looking into the entire cause of the outage. The Apple website held a message as follows: “Users are experiencing a problem with this service. We are investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available.”

The issue started to reflect sometime around 8 PM ET. Apple claimed that only “some users were affected” for most of the impacted services. However, the tech giant further went on to say that all the users of AppleCare in iOS and Apple School Manager were impacted.  

After some time, Apple provided a list of services that were up and working. Some of these restored services included App Store, Game Center, iCloud Backup, iCloud Calendar, iWork for iCloud, Photos, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV Plus, Apple Books, Radio, and many more.

Around 11 PM ET, Apple’s status page posted the update that the outage has been resolved and services are back again online. However, there was nothing mentioned as to what caused the entire outage. The update further stated that users should be able to access the affected services without any issues.

It looks like outages have become quite common during recent times. The Apple outage comes close on the heels of the Microsoft Office 365 outage that hit many services such as Microsoft Office, Outlook as well as Teams on Monday. This issue largely hit users along the west coast of the US. Globally, too, many users were impacted owing to the Office 365 glitch. The Microsoft outage did take some to get resolved completely. Services were up and running after almost 6 hours. The outage was termed a massive one. A change in configuration within a backend storage layer caused the entire issue. The changes were subsequently reverted, which ultimately led to the issue resolution. 

Then not very long ago, maybe about a week back, there were some issues with the Google server owing to which services like G Suite, Gmail, and a few others were temporarily affected. Urs Holzle, the Senior Vice President for Technical Infrastructure at Google, stated, “A pool of servers that route traffic to application backends crashed, and users on that particular pool experienced the outage” as the cause of the issue.

However, only a few people were affected by this issue since not all were connected to the servers that experienced issues. 

As of now, let us hope that the restored Apple services continue working smoothly, and there are no further glitches causing interruptions in the daily tasks of various users who very much rely on these services.

Image source: Engadget

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