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Apple to rebuild Maps, includes Street View with its own Mapping Data

Apple Maps Street View Image

Apple is making massive efforts to rebuild maps from the ground level especially mapping data. It is about to add a street style view feature. With this feature, you can tap on a spot in the map and search for 360 degrees around the photo and understand what is there in the location. Street Style View Feature will appear in iOS 13 and will bring a big leap in interactivity.

This feature will depend on the Apple Maps Data that Apple has been collecting over the years. The Company has been driving across the streets of the United States and various Countries to gather imagery and map the roads. Moreover, the feature will be Permitted in all the locations as the data is gathered from there. The Updates will come into action by the year-end and more countries will be added by next year.

Earlier Apple relied on third-party data to generate mapping data within its service. It is going to change with this New Initiative of Rebuilding Maps from the ground up. Rebuilding the Maps from the ground up seems Apple to be going a long way. The Company has invested a huge amount to make the app reach the gold standard Google Maps App.

As per latest news, Street View Like Feature will make the experience smoother and richer when compared to Google’s. In the mere future, there will be a tough competition between Apple and Google when iOS13 releases this fall. Apple’s Vice President of Software Engineering stated that their team covered around 4 million miles in collecting more data for Maps. Mapping is a cornerstone to attract people towards Apple and get more users in Connected Vehicles Via Car Play.

Apple will Count on the data from two sources namely the data collected from sensor packed vans driving all over the United States from years, iPhones. The Company will gather information on travel data when people open the Maps App similar to what Google does. However, they will pay a keen eye on privacy to get up to date information regarding traffic and road openings.

As far as we can tell, Apple is also working on How Maps Look like with more data gathered. From now, you will get to see more green for parks and woods, differentiated streets to highlight the major roads. This, makes the maps appear easier to read than earlier. In fact, you will get more data like parks, beaches, buildings handy when you are searching for a specific address in an unfamiliar place.

You can even organize favorites into handy collections which makes it easy for subject-based list rather than scrolling the entire list. You can use these Collections when you are planning a trip and mark the places you wish to visit. However, Apple didn’t plan a complete redesign of Maps but is going to look a lot more different as it has detailed info now.

The New Maps App representation is quite nice and when something catches your eye you can Zoom on it with a Set of Binoculars. Through this, you can look around deeply and experience the three-dimensional experience. The Binocular effect is famous for another reason and is a sign that how Apple envisions the use of Apple Maps.

Apple Maps will suck less in the future as Maps are more detailed and contain three-dimensional views, better UI for Navigation. The Company is striving to provide entertaining and informative maps experience. Glad that Apple is putting efforts into Maps for better Navigation.

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