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Apple Restores the iPod Music Quiz Game on iOS 14

Apple restores the iPod Music Quiz game on iOS 14

It looks like Apple still hasn’t gotten over its love for iPod games. According to 9to5Mac, the iOS 14 is expected to come up with the famous, well-known Music Quiz game, in which songs are played randomly on the device while the user is expected to guess the name of the song played. The score gets calculated accordingly. 

The entire game is present in the form of a Shortcut within the “My Shortcuts” section. Here, the users would have to explore a little as this mini-game requires a little bit of searching. Users would need to visit the Shortcuts app on iOS 14. Within the app, the user would have to access the ‘My Shortcuts app.’ On reaching there, one would need to type ‘Music Quiz’ in the search bar. The resultant displayed would be the shortcut for this game. As the Music Quiz has been developed as a Shortcut, Apple has not felt the need to create an app. 

Quite like it worked on iPods, the game is played similarly on the iOS 14 too. The songs are being played randomly in shuffle mode, and users would have to guess the correct song from the five options provided. 

Every session of the game consists of a total of about five rounds. Answers for these questions are displayed at the end of all the rounds together. However, the user can play the Music Quiz as long as he wishes to. The score can also be posted to social media networks if the user wants to. This feature of sharing is something that has been developed in the recent past. Earlier, users could not publish their social media scores when they played this game on their iPods.

Apple has permitted the posting of Apple Music melodies as stories on Instagram. It is possible on iOS 14. 

This feature will function, provided there is an in-built Music app. To play this game, the user will be required to have an Apple Music account or an iTunes account. It would not work with Spotify. It is also possible to play this game with songs available on coordination from other local sources. As this game is present in the form of a Shortcut instead of an app, the user can explore further with the same and try creating his/her mini-games. The Music Quiz can also be customized according to the likes of the user. 

Portraying this Music Game in the form of a Shortcut is like giving a boost to or promoting shortcuts. However, users who had experienced fun playing with Apple’s music players may not get the same experience while using iOS 14. When Apple stopped the coming of classic iPods, along with it, there were many well-known games too that went away forever. Although the experience may not be the same, it would still be good to revive the good-old iPod age. 

Apple will be releasing the iOS 14 on iPhones in the coming month. The beta version for iOS 14 is already out. Many features are being launched regularly.

Image source: Engadget

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