Apple Retail Stores no Longer Includes Bose, Sonos, and Logitech’s Products

It looks like Apple has stopped the sale of Bose, Sonos, and Logitech audio products to promote its products. The latest news reports state that Apple is not keeping any products manufactured by its rival firms in its retail stores as it no longer intends on selling these. Not even the well-desired Bose headphones that make sure there is no additional noise. These Bose headphones would be giving a very hard competition to Apple’s upcoming headphones slated to arrive towards the end of this year. 

For now, if any user visits the Apple website or app and searches for any Logitech, Bose, or Sonos products, a message appears on the screen stating that the desired product is not available.

Interestingly, Google’s cache reveals that these products were a part of Apple stores at least until September 15th. 

Presently, the “headphones and speakers” section of Apple’s webpage consists of nothing else but Apple’s products. As per Bloomberg, Apple has directed these products to go off shelves from all of its retail stores. As soon as this news spread, Sonos shares were being down by at least 7%.

The information was reiterated by Bose and Logitech too, who confirmed that their products would no longer be a part of Apple stores, going further. An important thing to be noted here is that previously too, Bose products vanished suddenly from Apple stores, albeit, that was only for a short period. However, the present decision that has been taken by Apple not to sell products from other products has come in as a huge shock, especially for Bose. 

It can be recalled that sometime around the beginning of this year, Bose put a full-stop to all of its retail outlets in North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia. It went on to state that most of its products are being purchased on the e-commerce platform on a large-scale. Hence it decided on doing away with the physical stores. Bose had pinned high hopes on the Apple stores to promote the sale of its products. The audio manufacturing firm would surely be disappointed, owing to Apple’s decision. 

On the other hand, Apple seems to have decided against selling its competitor products in a bid to pave the way for its products. In 2014, one could no longer locate FitBit Inc in any of Apple’s stores as Apple Watch arrived shortly after that. Then, a few years back, Bowers & Wilkins products too vanished from Apple stores. Not too long back, Apple decided on doing away with Bang & Olufsen products from its store shelves.

When checked on Monday, the only headphones within the Apple stores are Apple’s own Airpods and Airpods Pro. Apart from this, there are also headphones available from Beats, a subsidiary of Apple. 

As far as the speaker products are concerned, the only ones to remain within Apple stores include Apple’s HomePod along with Beats Pill+ speaker. However, one product does not belong to Apple, which is somewhat like a speaker. It could be used with an iPhone. However, this product is not a competitor to any of Apple’s upcoming products.

Image Source: TheVerge

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