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Apple Reveals the best apps of App store in 2020

Apple Reveals the best apps of App store in 2020

Today, Apple has revealed which apps from its App Store have excelled this year and those apps that have been downloaded the most. The ‘Best of 2020’ apps have been decided after judging various factors from an app’s perspective like its quality, creativity factor in terms of its complete design, the extent to which the app uses Apple’s technology, and many more such factors. 

The makers of the App Store had also considered those apps that had entertained people at home, especially during the pandemic phase, when people were forced to remain indoors. 

Winners in various categories

The best iPhone app for 2020 was bagged by ‘Wakeout!’, an app that helps exercise and work out at home. Zoom was awarded the best iPad app of the year.

The apps have been segregated into various categories, and winners have been determined for each category. One of the toughest phases in 2020 was during the Covid-19 time when people had to be locked within their homes. During such times, the entertainment factor inside homes becomes very important for a better mental health state. Keeping exactly this point in mind, the best Apple TV App of the year went to Disney+, which played quite a good role in keeping kids entertained, as they were unable to move out and play outdoors. That, in turn, became a blessing for the families too.

Not just within the App Store, but Disney+ also became the best app within the User Choice category of the Google Play Store. This announcement was made by Google on Tuesday when it presented the best performers within the Google Play Store. Thus, it is good news for Disney+ and also its users.

The best apps were also judged within the games category. That was a year wherein kids were left longing to visit fantasy parks. Genshin Impact, a game based on a fantasy environment theme, earned the title of being the best iPhone Game of the Year. This game also bagged the “best game” title within the Google Play Store.

Winners in other game categories were as follows: the iPad Game of the Year went to Legends of Runeterra, the Mac Game of the Year was bagged by Disco Elysium. Dandara Trials of Fear was declared as the winner within the Apple TV Game of the Year, while the Apple Arcade Game of the Year went to Sneaky Sasquatch.

Fantastical, an app designed to improve work productivity when working from home, bagged the title of being the best Mac App of the Year within the App Store. Then Endel, an app designed for tracking sleep and relaxation times, became the best Apple Watch App of the Year.

Considering the amount of stress one has had during 2020, owing to the coronavirus pandemic and the US presidential elections in November, along with many such stressful events and incidences, managing stress levels becomes a very important relaxation app. 

As already stated by Apple, apps that focused on improving productivity while working from home provided an entertainment factor, which improved mental health, focused on learning goals, and many such other apps were considered in their respective categories. 

For the very first time, winners would be receiving the physical form of the “App Store Best of 2020 award.” The logo of the App Store is embedded within the award, made of completely recycled aluminum. The name of the winner would be printed on the side. 

Apart from declaring the winners in various categories, Apple also revealed those apps and games that were downloaded the maximum number of times during 2020.

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