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Apple to equip 2021 Mac with 12 core 5nm ARM processor

Apple to equip 2021 Mac with 12 core 5nm ARM processor

Apple is going to release its new Mac that shall be equipped with a powerful 12 core 5 nm ARM processor. The company is working on 3 Mac processors as part of its new development. The first among these will have 12 cores. The processors are a part of the Kalamata project.

The processors will be embedded on its A14 chip. The flagship iPhone line up will sport these new processors as reports say. There are reports that the first of these processors will be having a 12 core CPU with eight high-performance cores that are also known by their nickname as “Firestorm” cores. The processor will reportedly have at least 4 energy-efficient “Icestorm” cores, as delineated by Bloomberg.

The use of ARM processors by Apple has been in rumours and vogue for quite a lot of time. The same start somewhere back in the year 2012. It was then rumoured that the company planned to bring its processors in the year 2020 or 2021. The company had reportedly been working for a lot many years. These ARM processors are going to be Apple’s own processors. These are in-house processors, after all.

Intel has been a global name when it comes to processors. A number of companies, or rather say the majority of big and small companies make use of Intel’s processors in their devices. Apple aspired to go beyond it. Moreover, Intel is unable to produce significant improvements in its processors year by year.

Once, Apple switches to its home production – ARM processors, it will be very cost-efficient as well. The company is expected to bring down the cost of the overall production of processors by 40 per cent to 60 per cent. That brings us to the reasons why Apple chose to make its own in the first place. Though, most of Apple’s higher-end products, for instance, MacBook Pros, iMacs, and Mac Pro computers make use of Intel chips.

It is not going to change any sooner with the coming of its own chips. The process will surely be gradual. Enough capacity building is required so that Apple can transform its processor production space.

An article by Bloomberg provides us with various valuable insights in the working and the specs of Apple’s chips that shall be used in its Mac. Reports say that there will be the induction of a TSMC based mac chip which is made after a 5nm fabrication process. The A12 Z chip that is a part of the current iPad Pro will have eight cores: 4 of which shall be high performance and the other 4 will be energy efficient.

The first machines that will employ these chips will be low powered Macbooks and not otherwise. Of course, the company wants to be doubly sure about its production and then set the pace. Apart from the regular CPU that is present, the SoC will also be having a GPU. Another significant bit of information is that the ARM Mac computers will be operating with the aid of macOS rather than switching to iOS.

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