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Apple to Redesign its Next iPhone in ipad like Size

Apple to Redesign its Next iPhone in ipad like Size

Apple has decided to redesign its flagship smartphones, the iPhone. As per sources, the brand is looking forward to giving an iPad like the design to its newer iPhones. The phones will be looking like mini versions of the company’s very popular iPads.

Thus, the new phone might not look like the iPhone 11 pro. In fact, it will look more like the older iPhone 5. If you visualize the current iPad having much smaller bezels than what is offered usually, and further reduce its size to the size of a smartphone, you will be delighted to visualize the coming smartphone from Apple.

The new smartphone will have flat steel edges. It will not have the curved edges which delineated its poised look. The phone will be sporting a different type of display that is flat and not curved, this time. The phones will not do not have sloping edges, unlike the current models. Earlier, there were strong rumors that the new set of phones from Apple would look more like the iPhone 4. However, the rumor mongers did one thing right in that they were pretty close.

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 are known to have the best designs. These were really missed by industry experts, tech commentators, and Apple users. Now that Apple has decided to bring in sync its iPhone and iPad designs, the company will be bringing the most beautiful designs from a few years back. The largest model of the new iPhones, iPhone 11 Pro Max, will have a big 6.5-inch screen.

In other words, Apple’s new iPhones are due for a big redesign. 

It is expected that the next iPhone Pro models will have 3 rear cameras on the back of their phones. On the other hand, the devices other than the Pro models will be having two rear cameras. The company is also focussing on bringing up the 3D LIDAR system to its new standard grade iPhones. This feature will see an induction to enhance artificial intelligence and AR apps on the iPhone. 

This system has been borrowed from the iPad Pro to be extended to other top models now. The IDAR system had first been seen on a pro model late in March.

Apart from all this, the brand is also reportedly working less costly HomePod speakers that could be launched by the end of this year. These HomePod speakers shall be accompanied by Apple Tags that let users track their keys and other objects. These speakers will be half in size of the original speakers.

The sales of these speakers have failed, but they have appreciable sound quality. After all, quality has always been a superior advantage to Apple over others. The price of these smart speakers had to be reduced in the face of heavy competition from rivals like Amazon.com Inc. and Alphabet Inc., which right now reign in the United States market.

Usually, Apple brings up its new iPhones and other devices in September of a given year. Over the years, the trend had not changed since 2012, barring one exceptional case of iPhone X when there were disruptions from the supply side. September is known to witness a galore of new products from the house of Apple. But this time it is different. 

The global pandemic has abysmally disrupted supply chains and caused damages in the economy, affecting all small or big companies. It is in the principle of the difficult measures of social distancing and the challenges of labor shortage and supply-side disruptions that the slated launch might be altered this year.

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