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New Apple TV App launching on Samsung, Apple TV’s and iOS

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Nowadays, we are all aware of the effect Netflix has on people and the number of users that Netflix has. Correspondingly we have Apple coming in TV business where they launch a new Apple TV app. It will easily give other similar apps a run for their money.

The app is designed not only for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV customers, iOS 12.3, tvOS 12.3, and soon will be available on Mac users, and is also easily and equally adaptable for 2019 Samsung smart TV models and also chosen 2018 versions. The Apple TV app has come with all new and fresh channels and movies for its users. The user-friendly app can be used by six people with a single subscription, so it makes the app a definite family material.

Talking about the content of the app, you’ll be excited to know the movies and series that are available on the new Apple TV app. Apple says that there is supposed to be a total of 100,000 films and TV series on it for all kinds of users based on their age group i.e. from kids to youngsters and also suitable for the seniors.

For all the Fans of Game of Thrones, The wire and other series on HBO, will now be able to watch the same, as HBO for the first time ties up with an app like this and it’s no surprise, why? The app has many other channels connected to it making it easier for people to chose a premium model as per their requirement. Also, for the first time, Apple has come out from its only Apple product zone and craves its way into the Samsung world.

The app makes downloading videos and watching them offline easier. Also, providing videos from various channels that have never provided users with these features before. There are some features which are very new and it shows the impact Apple has in its market. It can be called as Apple’s redesigned or new TV app.

As mentioned about the number of movies and TV series, Apple also reveals to have a total of 150 video apps for all the 100,000 movies and series. The app not only provides with so many options but also filters all the content it provides on the basis of your own searches. It basically provides you with a watch list that will help you choose your next show or movie; they are basically unassailable and all-inclusive consideration of the enjoyer.

The big break happens today in over 100 countries across the globe. This Apple TV+ will now be available in the Apple TV app. There are many accessories that blend perfectly well with Apple TV. Nonetheless, there are many secondary devices now available for Apple TV like Gamers unit, HDMI cable, remote control, projectors and others like Bluetooth earphones.

Apple TV can be used to watch your pictures and already downloaded videos which do not require any subscription. Except for viewing their content, a subscription fee is to be paid by the users that cost from $30 to $40 per month and can be shared between half a dozen people. To finally conclude, it does not require you to pay any specific fees for its usage besides when one uses any of its chargeable movies or series.

Bestowed on Samsung, it’s been flaunting about being the first TV manufacturer to propose the Apple TV, to bring out all the best contents. According to Samsung, the Apple TV functions effortlessly with the company’s own platform, including Bixby. Now the conclusion comes to whether this is a strategy of excluding your own competition by Apple joining hands with Samsung. Only time will tell, but for now, you keep your updates ready regarding the buying of the new subscription of Apple TV.

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