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Apple TV Plus to launch in India for Rs. 99; Cheaper than Amazon & Netflix

Apple TV Plus will launch in India for 99 rupees Image

Apple is coming into India’s TV streaming market as competition to Netflix and Amazon. As per the latest report, Apple is planning to launch Apple TV Plus in India for $1.40 per month. In Indian rupees, we can say that it is just Rs. 99 which is cheaper than the services offered by Amazon and Netflix in India.

Netflix and Amazon are already competing with each other to capture the streaming market growth in India. India has more population online with more than 500 million users on the internet compared to other countries, except China. Apple TV Plus is already running in the US with a price of $4.99 per month. Now on November 1st, Apple Inc. is jumping into the streaming market in over 100 countries along with India.

So, from November 1st, Apple TV+ will be available for all the iOS users through the Apple TV app on Apple devices. This Apple TV Plus contains the original content directly from the filmmakers. It offers thousands of movies for rent or to buy which includes The Morning Show and Jason Momoa’s See and some other documentaries and TV shows as well.

According to the news, Apple is going to give a free trial upto one week for its users. For the customers who purchase an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Apple TV, or Mac, Apple will offer the subscription for an entire year. This Apple TV Plus streaming service will begin with the nine original series along with some other TV shows, Movies, etc.

The idea of this low monthly price is to draw the Apple users in the Indian market. Generally, the competition for streaming services is high in this country as there is more population who carve for films or TV entertainment, there is a wide use of mobile devices, cheap connectivity, and many such reasons. These reasons may help Apple Inc. to get successful in the Indian market with its Apple TV Plus which is coming at a low monthly price.

The company’s goal is to attract 100 million customers in India — almost 25 times its estimated subscriber base there as of this year. The world’s second-most populous country is a priority for the No. 1 global streaming service, which is effectively blocked in China, said the Netflix Chief Executive Officer, Reed Hastings.

According to the study by KPMG, Indians spend 70 min per day on online video platforms by average. Also, as per some studies, India is going to have more than 500 million subscribers by the year 2023 which will make the country second-biggest in the streaming market after China.

Recently, Netflix started offering a Mobile-only streaming plan for Rs. 199 in India, while Amazon its Prime membership for Rs. 129. However, to get success in this market, American companies need to offer prices which are as competitive as India’s own services. Means, according to Bloomberg, it can be as low as 40 cents per month.

However, the subscription will not wholly depend on the price. Customers will also see the quality of the content. There are some Indian streaming services like Hotstar which is popular among many users for its services. It has the biggest share of app downloads in India. So, let’s see whether the low monthly price plan of Apple TV Plus will workout in India or not!

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