Apple to soon release its new sleep tracking Apple Watch

Apple is soon coming up with new features in its Apple watch that would be able to record sleep, which is called “Time in Bed tracking”. This feature is said to be disclosed as early as next week. The codename of this feature is Burrito which is said to be able to monitor the quality of sleep, heart rate, movement, and noises.

The announcement will be made in a special launch event at the Steve Jobs Theatre at the headquarters. The company is expected to launch the new set of Apple iPhone models namely the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, along with the next-generation Apple Watch – presumably the Apple Watch Series 5. It is also believed that Apple is going to launch a 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop with a new scissor keyboard and a Tile-like Bluetooth tracker that would work using the tech giant’s Find My app.

The Apple Watch sleep tracking will obviously require a lasting battery life to be able for the owners to wear it throughout the day. According to reports, Apple owners usually charge their wearable overnight but in this case, they will get a notification regarding charging the Apple watch before going to sleep so that it has enough battery to sustain throughout the night. One would be able to track their sleep in the Health app and a new Sleep app for tracking sleep through the watch.

It is also believed that Apple is going to alter the way alarm works with the release of this Apple watch. If you get up early before the time your alarm is to ring and start putting the Apple watch in motion, it will automatically sense it and silence the alarm itself. The alarm set on the iPhone will also play on Apple Watch as a backup option. In addition to that, users will also have the option of using a silent alarm which will only vibrate, unlike the regular alarms.

The thing different about this “Time in Bed tracking” is, though Apple watch’s sleep tracking was available since quite long, through multiple third-party apps, it is the first time Apple has provided its own sleep tracking feature. It is still unclear though that the new sleep tracking feature would be updated in all Apple watch models or will just be released in the new ones.

The probable date when we are going to hear a lot more information than this is September 10. Apparently, Apple is also making a few minor changes in the hardware for the Apple watch with new ceramic and titanium finishes and updating it with Apple’s latest watchOS 6 software. Also, the Apple Watch Series 5 model is expected to use OLED screens supplied by Japan Display, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

“When wearing the Watch during bedtime, if the user wakes up and starts their day before their alarm goes off, it will automatically turn off the alarm,” 9to5Mac wrote. “The alarm will also play only on Apple Watch, using the iPhone as a backup. There will also be an option to use a silent alarm that only vibrates the Apple Watch. The new bedtime system will enable Do Not Disturb automatically when the user goes to bed. There will also be a new complication available for sleep tracking.”

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