Apple Watch to soon start Detecting Human Blood Oxygen Levels

Apple Watches will soon take over the market by a storm as it is going to release a new model where the watch will be even alert before a major cause of heart attack. Currently, any smartwatch of Apple Company can detect irregular heartbeats and footsteps, but in the coming years, that will not be the only feature provided by it. 9to5Mac on talking with the Tipsters claimed that the Apple Company has started working on its ability to detect the oxygen level in blood.

It is a breakthrough. Because the company succeeds in creating a watch with such abilities, it will be able to alert people during any significant health crisis. As such, if your blood’s oxygen saturation level goes below the limited threshold, it will immediately raise an alert and let the user know about it. It can help avoid an urgent health crisis. The alarm or notification will be the same as that of what you receive currently on your Apple Watch for unusual heart rate.

At present, the statement released by the company only restricts itself to being under development. There has been no official statement on whether to experience this new feature. You will have to go for hardware or a software update. But it is safe to assume that it’s going to be a hardware update, looking at Fitbit’s up-gradation by using a mixed technology of red and infrared sensors. This tech helps in detecting the oxygen variation of the user wearing it.

Apple also mentioned that they are working on an improved version of ECG, which will have the capability to provide authentic and proper results that will be between 100 and 120 beats per second.

Apple has been a company that is not shy about releasing information about its upcoming updates and upgrades to be implemented. The company has been very transparent about adding various health-related benefits to their watches to increase awareness and decrease mortality rates. With the added feature of monitoring oxygen level in the blood, a crisis such as lung attacks and heart attacks can be easily avoided.

Not only this, but Apple is also working upon Sleep Tracking, but that is a ‘rumor’ feature, not some official statement. The company has been trying to incorporate more and more features to it, and whether all of these so-called technical advancements will be added in the next update itself is unknown. Yet, the wait is surely going to be worth it.

In theory, the blood oxygen levels of a healthy human being should always be between 95 and 100%. Therefore, if it falls below 80%, there is a certain risk of cardiac arrest or worse, like compromising the brain functionality of an individual. The 9to5Mac got an exclusive look at the IOS 14 code, through which they released this statement on the company being under development for oxygen level indicators.

According to 9to5Mac, it is safe to assume that a future update to Apple Watch Series 6 will be needed to experience this remarkable feature by Apple. According to the company, a future update will be made specifically for the ECG feature. Currently, there is a limit that exists on the ECG feature, which requires an upgrade, but this limit will soon be removed.

The Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a built-in EVG feature as well as a heart rate monitor. It is the original hardware of Apple that the company believes to be able to measure blood oxygen levels with a few tweaks and changes made to it. The company has not released further details on how the hardware will function or will be able to detect the oxygen level.

Apple has always tried to create a difference between itself as well as its other competitors like Fit Bit. Its features, like fall detection and ECG, were accepted wholeheartedly by the population, and the company soon made a name for itself in being the best even in Smart Watches. Similar features were added by the Samsung Galaxy S6 to monitor heart rate, but it was Apple that garnered the maximum positive feedback from its users.

According to some sources, Apple has not released this feature yet into the market because of some FDA regulations. But according to a Wall Street Journal report, it claimed that Apple has completely removed this feature as the results were inaccurate. No official statement has been made on that.

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