Apple Watches gets Roku’s new app with remote control and voice search for TV

The Roku remote comes to your Apple wristwatch. You can simply control and browse your TV by just using your Apple wristwatch! It is the same app that appears on your phone; now it will just appear on your wristwatch. All you need to do is update the app on your phone to version 6.1.3. If you constantly have the habit of misplacing your Roku remote, then this app will help you a lot in finding your remote.

Moreover, you get an alternative solution to control the programs while browsing through the TV. The Apple Watch can be your new Roku remote. So, if you are feeling lazy to reach for that remote, Apple watch has got you covered!

The Roku streaming devices received the Apple TV app last month so that they can have access to content provided on Apple TV+. They also stream content from HBO, Showtime, and other Apple TV programs.

As per the sources, all the Roku customers now get a convenient update for controlling the channels using their watches! Roku’s new version (6.1.3) of the app brings new features to the table, like navigating and searching for what to watch. The functions of the app on the watch are similar to how you operate the app on your phone.

The app will allow you to launch channels on your TV with simply a tap on your watch. The channels will be displayed based on the most recently viewed channels. Moreover, the Roku remote, if and when misplaced, can be located using the app on the watch.

The smartwatch sends a signal to the remote, which will then send out a notification tone so that it can be located (this is only possible if you have the Roku remote that offers this feature). The app also lets you control media players.

Apart from the media controls (play, pause, rewind), the app also offers an OK button, a home button, a back button, and arrows for direction. The app will also include a voice function. You just need to tap the microphone icon to give a command. This feature is not available on all the versions of Apple watch just from the series 1 to 5, it does not work on the first generation of the Apple watch. If you are familiar with the functions of the app on the phone, then you are good to go because the app on the watch is just the miniature version of the phone.

To get the Roku app, all you need to do is install the latest version of the app on the phone. The app will appear on the smartwatch by itself if you have allowed an automatic app installation. The most recent watch released by Apple is the series 5, whereas Roku revealed their 2019 line up in September.

The streaming players start at $30 and end at $100 with a new express model and the ultra-model priced, respectively. The latest version of the Apple watch Starts at $399, which also comes with an always on display. Use touch or voice to watch and control your programs.

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