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Apple’s latest iOS version all set to have advanced parental controls

Apple to roll out tighter parental controls in latest ios version Image

Apple seems to be all determined to keep giving out updates from the time it has released iOS 13.3. Very recently, it delivered the fourth beta release. Well, it looks like it is all set to give out a stable beta release of 13.3 before the Christmas holidays are set to begin. According to the Vietnamese carrier Viettel, Apple has intimated its customers to upgrade to iOS 13.3 in their devices along with watchOS 6.1.1. The telecom operator’s eSIM service is expected to go live around the 13th of December. This simply means Apple plans to launch its latest version before that.

Apple had the initial beta versions of iOS 13.3 on the 5th of November, along with iPadOS 13.3. The beta version was made public the very next day. The latest iOS version includes a lot of bug fixes coupled with new features.

What’s new in this feature of iOS 13?
A new feature worth noting in this version is that it has made it easier for parents to control their child’s communication on mobiles. This means that by going further, parents can actually decide with whom their kids can talk to on phones and for how long. This feature would be of great help to those parents who wish to help their kids get rid of mobile addiction, which is slowly becoming a menace these days.

The Screen Time of children can also be decided upon, which is a very useful feature, considering the amount of time kids spend these days glued to their phones. This would ensure an added level of security, considering the fact that parents would be kept in the loop of whom their kids are spending time with, on their phones. This new update would be available for Face Time, Messages, Voice Calls, and Phone applications. This feature was supposed to figure out in the initial versions of iOS 13; however, they were discarded during beta testing.

What’s new for adults?
In addition to kids having a controlled time on phones, there are some changes for adults also. There would be no requirement for passwords during log-ins, all due to the help of Lighting FIDO2 security keys in Safari and Safari Web view. The latest version of iOS 13 will also offer support to NFC and USB functionality.

Further, people who prefer emojis over Memoji stickers would definitely appreciate this version of iOS. The latest update has the ability to disable these Memoji stickers and get rid of them so that only emojis can be used.

It is customary for Apple to launch their updates around Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Keeping this factor in mind, we can expect the latest iOS update to pop up around the 11th of December, which is a Wednesday. Along with the latest iOS release, there are high chances that Apple may launch updates for iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS on the very same day. Let us wait and watch what all features would be arriving with Apple updates this week and how they would work.

Image Source: Engadget

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