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Apple’s Mac Pro Wheels Costing $700 Work Dreadfully with Skateboards

Apple’s Mac Pro wheels costing $700 work dreadfully with skateboards

Apple to have wheels for Mac Pro seems like one of those ill-thought ideas that are utterly ridiculous. But even then, one might be tempted to think what actually could be so special about the $700 product that Apple considered investing in it, starting from the design to the production! Sadly, we do not have an answer.

The kit had appeared on Apple’s website in the mid of April. It included an installation guide and a ¼ inch to 4 mm hex bit which is an installation tool. The latter as an additional tool was there to help you with installations as being absolutely necessary, Apple noted. Even then, the $ 699 wheels are an utterly vague idea from a common man’s point of view.

None of the reviews from any corners are forgiving in nature, to say it naturally, all of them are bashing by nature. The story does not end there. We had an amazing tech Youtuber doing Apple product reviews, which were just as perplexed as anybody regarding the usage and the need for the product.

He ventured to go one step ahead, which is why he tried to place the wheels underneath his skateboards. The whole idea did not just seem funny but came out to be unfruitful. The skateboard ran erratically and mostly dreadfully. The functioning was terrible in something as simple and domestic as skateboards.

We wonder or rather are left to wonder the purpose of the product- if there exists any usage. That the Mac Pro, the powerful masterpiece by Apple, will be having an absurdly priced and hardly required companion, is an idea best when discarded. It is the third and the latest generation of Mac Pro, which was released in December 2019. The bigger holes for cooling have been a marked feature.

The Mac Pro is part of a number of workstations and servers that are mostly utilized by professionals. The Mac Pro, which reigns as currently the most powerful computer designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple Inc., happens to be a desktop. The computer is mostly used in formal and office setting and has been there in the market since August 2006.

The Mac Pro is one computer that gets to be strictly above the consumer range products, for instance, the Mac Mini and iMac. This way, Apple has made the computer in its Macintosh lineup to be a prominent name in the only 4 of its category. That the workstation would need such expensive wheels for just the purpose of moving, that too not frequently is an absurd idea at the outset.

Mac Pro is one hell of a powerful device and is the best bet on creativity. While it is agreeable that the powerful machine is found inside a highly functional and top-notch production suite and not someone’s resident apartment, the wheels are an added expense over the already expensive high powered machine. These do not stay to serve any real purpose, after all.

Image source: The verge

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