Apple’s New Ad Highlights iMessage Encryption showing its focus on Privacy

Apple is known to be one of the most trusted companies when it comes to safety and privacy. To prove itself best in the field again, the iPhone has enabled some new features which would protect the privacy of the users. The new ad by iPhone has already spoken for the company. The advertisement shows a lady sitting in a salon and laughing loudly while reading a text on her iPhone XR. The text is not shown to the audience to display the idea behind the motto of the ad.

Apple has already released several ads, earlier this year, showing reasons as to why we need privacy and how we can avail that. This video particularly focuses on the message encryption feature as the company quotes “iMessage encrypts your conversations. Because not everyone needs to be in on the joke” clearly showing the need for the feature. The ad also links to the privacy section of the company where the viewer can see the privacy policy of the company.
Apple’s Latest Ad ‘Inside Joke’

iOS users can take advantage of new features. There are features such as differential privacy and encryption which allows the users to maintain their privacy. The differential privacy adds additional information to the data which the user has to send, before analyzing by Apple. Through this feature, the company cannot link the data with the gadget and only random patterns or figures would appear when the information is being combined with other data received from other iOs users. These patterns only help the company to know how the users are using the gadgets without even collecting individual information of each gadget.

The iPhone also has the feature of end-to-end encryption which can be accessed by the users. This feature is used in the iMessage app of the gadget and turns the information into an undetectable text which can only be read by the sender, receiver and someone who has the passcode. The app even allows the user to delete the message afterward. Through this feature, the data send is protected from any third party user, including the company itself. These features can only be used by iOS users and not by any other user. The users can only be able to avail these facilities while sending texts through iMessage or facetiming with fellow iOS users.

Privacy is the foremost right and need of a human being, have been shown and fulfilled by the Apple iPhones. As stated earlier, Apple takes care of the privacy of its customers. Though these facilities cannot be availed while texting android users, which is basically a marketing strategy for convincing people to buy iPhones, it is worth it.

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