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Apple’s New Patent Suggests Sleep Tracking Through Bed and Mattresses

Apple's new patent suggests sleep tracking through bed and mattresses

The patent is credited to two individuals at Apple. Their names are Shahrooz Shahparnia and Erno H. Klaassen. Both researchers have been working on a concept that can prove to be helpful in tracking sleep and sleep patterns in the near future. 

An Apple watch that can do some amount of tracking is not suited for this function. These watches can determine the sleeping pattern of one person at best. But when it comes to multiple users, more so when users share a single bed, such devices are of no real help. Not only that, wearing such a device while sleeping can eventually make the person uncomfortable.

By convention, such monitoring devices have been very bulky as well. It is something you would like to avoid, as it invariably affects the very sleep patterns that it has been asked to monitor. An uncomfortable device while sleeping adds to the problem as sleeping might get affected.

For a solution, the researchers at Apple have suggested that the tracking system will have a kind of bedding arrangement that will be there to track the sleep while the person is lying on or under it.

Any type of device that is expected to be put on requires that it is “configured to determine the vital signs based on one type of measurement or mode of operation.” The patent has also mentioned some weaknesses of the conventional bed and sleeps tracking systems as far as practical usage is concerned.

The traditional sleep trackers are not able to monitor when there is an ‘n’ number of users. These can be the users like a family or a couple that share a single bed, and hence the situation might mandate that two or more people sleep on the same bed. As such, one’s sleeping pattern might affect others’ sleep. The tracker fails to take into account how one affects another.

It reminds some people of the Beddit’s system. In that, there was a strip of material that was placed under the Mattress, and the data on sleep patterns were monitored and passed on to an iPhone. Apple might have finally sought to make use of Beddit that it acquired in the year 2017. Beddit is originally a Finnish company.

The monitoring system proposed in the patent is a very ambitious one. It aims to track and monitor a person’s sleeping patterns, analyze his sleep, and give feedback or suggestions to him. Such a tracking system can also include a number of sensors, including electrodes, temperature sensors, piezoelectric sensors, and accelerometers. 

Obviously, there can be a range of devices and sensors that can be inserted to enhance the functions of the tracking system. The mat or mattress that is proposed by Apple will be equipped and also powerful enough to display various measures like heart rate, respiratory rate, and physiological variations in terms of heart rate variability, respiratory rate variability, etc. 

Moreover, during the whole time that the person had been sleeping, it would easily measure the user’s motion and temperature. Thereafter, it can give a detailed analysis of the whole duration of its inspection.

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