Apple comes up with the next iOS 13 update fixing Mail, background download glitches

Apple fixes background download bugs in new iOS 13 update image

Barely a fortnight ago, Apple released an iOS update with a version of 13.2. This was some time at the end of October. This version had some features that enabled iOS users to indulge in Deep Fusion photography. It also included support for Airpods Pro.

Now, Apple has released yet another update with a version number of 13.2.3. It includes fixes for a few issues. The latest version can be downloaded, and the fixes can be verified either on iOS or iPadOS, according to sources.

What is sorted out in iOS 13.2.3?
The latest iOS 13 update involves fixes that related to built-in Mail application. The problems with Files and Notes apps have also addressed. The latest iOS update also seems to contain fixes for issues wherein certain apps were unable to download any information from the background. However, Apple has given no information regarding any security fixes. So far, only the issues mentioned below have addressed.

The previous iOS version had a few issues with the “Search” functionality in the Mail application as well as with the Files and Notes apps. The latest iOS 13 update has sorted out the “Search” functionality throughout the system as well as in the Mail, Files and Notes apps. Now, this feature should function perfectly with iOS 13.

Another glitch that was bothering many users was that a few apps were not downloading information from the background when not in use. That is, these apps would stop when the app was not being used and would get launched all over again. The latest iOS update has this fix. It would enable the app to continue running in the background and downloads any important information.

The Mail issue has fixed now. Previously, any updates or new messages were not syncing with the Exchange account. This lead to many messages that are missed out or not appearing in the Mail folder at all. The latest iOS update has addressed this problem. Now, any new messages in the Exchange folder would be available in the Mail too.

Lastly, any photos, links or important attachments coming from mails could not be viewed under the “Message details” section. This problem has resolved in iOS 13.2.3. Now any attachment, links or photos would be visible from “Message details”.

How stable is this latest version?
With Apple continuing to release patches for its iOS 13 version, one can only expect that very soon this would become stable. At present, the beta versions of iOS are also undergoing rigorous testing. If all goes well, one can expect a few minor additional fixes. That would be support for the compliant security keys FIDO2. This key requires either a USB, Lightning or NFC.

iOS and iPad users would have to download the latest update from the “Settings” area. Users would have to access the following path on their devices: Settings->>General->>Software Update.

So, download the latest updated version on your phones and iPads and check out if these fixes are working!!

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