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Apple’s Online Store now in India

Apple’s online store now in India

Apple’s operations have been ongoing in India for the past 20 years. However, it had not established any physical or online store for selling their products directly to customers in India. However, it looks like the wait is over. On Wednesday, Apple launched its online store in India, thereby ensuring that they can directly sell their products to the consumers. 

As per sources India is considered as the second-largest smartphone market in the entire world. By launching an online store in India, Apple has reached out to its Indian customers without any third-party directly. The complete range of Apple products will be available in the online store. Apple has also designed a few offers for customers who would be purchasing products for the first time. With Apple’s online store reaching India, there are now 38 markets for Apple that have been established worldwide.

Customers in India can now look forward to purchasing AppleCare+, which gives extended warranty on products. They can also check out the details of the trade-in program so that amazing discounts can be obtained to purchase any hardware products. According to the tech giant, customer support would be provided either via chat or telephone. Online purchasers can even talk to a team of specialists if required if they need any particular information about any product. Apple is permitting customers to place orders for customized variations of iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and other Mac computers. Earlier, this was possible offline only via authorized partners. Even this facility was introduced in May this year.

Customers are also getting an option to make payments through monthly installments. Back in January, it was reported that Apple had plans to launch its online store in India towards the end of Q3. Apple has also stated that sometime next year, it would be launching its first retail store in India. 

The launch of Apple’s online store in India is a breakthrough for Apple, feels Jayanth Kolla, chief analyst at Convergence Catalyst, a consultancy company. According to him, it is only after establishing a store at a particular place does Apple begins its marketing investment, brand setup, and various other market investments in that location. 

Moreover, Apple does not pay attention to billboards and other iPhone advertisements being displayed in India. Third-party partners carry out all of these tasks. “Apple might provide some marketing dollars, but those efforts are always led by their partners,” says Kolla.

Over the last few years, Apple has been showing a lot of enthusiasm towards India, which is now considered a very good smartphone market. Owing to an online store launch in India, Apple has decided to reduce a few iPhone models in the country. It was not the case always, as customers were expected to shell out some money as a part of customs duty tax. 

Take a look at this instance. The iPhone 11 Pro Max costs about $1,487 in India, while in the US, it is available at $1,099. Likewise, the Airpods Pro costs about $341 in India, while in the US, it is available for $249. 

For a long time now, Apple has been trying to launch its store in India. However, owing to a few local regulations in the country, this was becoming difficult. Currently, New Delhi has eased out a few sourcing norms for single-brand retailers, thereby making it easy for Apple to launch its store online in the country. 

Apple’s online store launch comes exactly a month before Diwali, a very famous festival in India during which people are seen making huge purchases.

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