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Apple’s Wireless Charging Project AirPower is Cancelled Officially

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Tech Giant Apple has refrained from their plans to build their much anticipated AirPower, a wireless charging pad, the company announced on Friday.

Dan Riccio, Senior Vice President of Apple hardware engineering department, has stated that “After putting in a lot of efforts it has been concluded that the AirPower won’t meet their high standards and hence they are canceling the entire project.

He apologized for the customers who were looking forward to the launch of these AirPower charging pads.

This is a rare event in Apple’s history. The company has announced about this AirPower back in 2017 and said that they would begin selling these products in 2018. They even released the marketing photos back then, but the release of the product has delayed a lot.

The rumors about this device have been circulating in the internet world for a long time now. There are some articles published in last week predicting that the AirPower will hit the market very shortly.

Apple held a meeting last week where they have announced unveiled their latest services for the audience. They have also announced the hardware upgrades that they are going to do last week.

In that launch event, Apple has unveiled its service based subscriptions to the market. Apple is planning to expand and diversify its market so that they won’t stay confined to the hardware only for a long time. The company is now offering video games, original video content, and newspapers for users.

Apple has been pushing this wireless charging strategy for a long time now. iPhone 8 even has the capability of getting charged without any wire. Its Apple watch is charged wirelessly, and their latest set of Air Pods also has the wireless charging capabilities. The third party manufacturers are making wireless chargers for Apple products and the users have to depend on those third party manufacturers for a long time.

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