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Arvada couple sew masks using century old Sewing Machine

Arvada couple sew masks using century old Sewing Machine

The number of volunteers that are making masks at home is increasing day by day. Everyone who wants to help in some way or the other to counter this pandemic finds this route to be totally doable. The latest to join the club of mask makers are a couple from Arvada, Colorado who spotted a very old sewing machine in their guest room.

Life is queer. Otherwise, who would have thought that the couple would be finding the machine just out of pure luck at a time which is the most opportune in the history of modern people? The machine which was lying old and useless was rendered much importance after it was discovered by chance lying in some corner of the bedroom which was reserved for the guests mostly.

It was Giselle William’s great great grandmother who had actually owned the sewing machine. She had been one most efficient user. But that was so many years ago. Most probably, the year was 1922, and it must only be the 1920s when the machine had been used last time. The 100 years old machine has found another big deal of usage. The machine will now be used for the novel cause.

The guest bedroom was thought to have to contain a nice piece of furniture. It was only when that was dug further it came to be known as Addie Harrison’s 1922 Singer Treadle Sewing Machine. The couple did not really know how to make use of it. The only things that were actually needed were a new belt, some lubrication, and a good cleaning. After that, the machine was as good as if it had been newly purchased.

Giselle Williams is a stylist, and she specifically styles hair at weddings. But, due to the pandemic, the lady had lost almost all of her work during the quarantine and lockdown situation. She works at an Etsy shop where she used to sell stuff that she spun. Now, the couple has found a totally new way to work while staying at home. This does not require them to move out. They have plenty of cloth material to sew the masks during this Coronavirus pandemic.

All they have to do is take a big yarn pool, stick it on top of the sewing machine and they are good to go. The couple finds the same to be a really efficient job giving them a chance to earn at the same time. Thus, they can be seen sewing the mask the whole day. Giselle has sewn more than 100 masks and gave away many of them to the healthcare workers who had made a request for it to be given to them.

Requests are pouring in to make more masks, and they have started a Facebook fundraiser to help them with fabric and other supplies. With just $5, you can buy yourself a mask from Giselle’s Etsy shop. She had earlier been selling her knitted items, but the mask is a totally new segment.

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