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As the demands for PS5 and RTX 3090 rise, major robberies on both fronts shock many

As the demands for PS5 and RTX 3090 rise, major robberies on both fronts shock many

With the holiday season of 2020 approaching, it has become increasingly difficult to procure the very much in demand consoles of PS5 and RTX 3090. However, the desperation to get these consoles has become so high that some people out there are using illegal and incorrect methods to obtain the same. Well, it is no small thing but a major theft that we are talking about here.

The great robbery of RTX 3090 cards

In what can be called bizarre, GPUs of GeForce RTX 3090 worth $340,000 have been looted from MSI warehouse. As Tom’s Hardware puts it, this is equivalent to about 40 containers of these cards. MSI has updated the same information through a tweet. The tweet further states that the theft details have been intimated to the police, and an investigation is underway. Furthermore, any person reporting any details in connection to the heist would be rewarded handsomely.

MSI suspects that the entire burglary has been carried out by “insiders.” This theory is being speculated since the RTX 3090 cards were being kept within the company at a highly secure place with many scrutinies. Only internal people could have had access. This job was quite difficult for an outsider, according to MSI.

The intention of carrying out the theft of these cards is quite straightforward. The GeForce RTX 3090 is presently valued at $1499. eBay charges more for the same. Thus, the stolen cards would be sold at even higher prices, and people would not budge from purchasing them, as these products are quite less in number in the market than their huge demand. The robbery has been conducted with the motive of making huge money.

The PS5 theft from trucks

Robberies in the UK seem to have come straight out of a movie. A video has surfaced in which a gang in Romania has been found to do away with expensive items from a truck by putting cars both ahead and behind the truck. The car going ahead of the truck would force the vehicle to slow down its speed. During this time, someone from the car behind opens the truck from the rear, while all the vehicles are in motion, and steals items from the truck. 

The entire theft conducted in this manner is referred to as a “rollover.” Shockingly, about 27 such rollover incidents have been reported during 2020, and now, with the holiday season almost here, these kinds of cases have been rising.

Again, this theft cannot be carried out without any “insider” help as only such a person can provide accurate information about what exactly is present within which truck. Moreover, the exact location of the truck is also important.

In another goof-up or what can be again termed as theft, there have been instances of Amazon customers receiving air-fryers or cat litters in place of the PS5 console. Amazon feels that one cannot sneak out easily after stealing PS5 from their warehouses, but it seems like these products were stolen from trucks when delivered and replaced by something else. For now, these customers have been receiving the PS5 consoles as they had ordered earlier. However, the thieves are still at large.

Undoubtedly, stealing is a punishable offense, and it would be really good if the culprits are booked as soon as possible. However, a little effort is also needed here from both sellers and developers of these consoles. Efforts can be taken for a smooth flow of pre-orders as well as sales. When stocks of in-demand items are already quite low, it becomes difficult to meet huge demands. Sellers and manufacturers need to provide multiple methods to purchase a product. That could probably reduce these kinds of thefts in the future.

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