Atlanta’s Stadium to have Drones for Sanitization

As the pandemic moved forward, carrying out public events became difficult considering that is the crux of the issue, public gatherings. Now that we have almost reached the end of it, and while the fear still looms over our heads, it is time to take care of hygiene in the best way possible. 

Drones have been really helpful in carrying out many sets of activities when going out for humans wasn’t safe. Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium is also picking up on the same lines. The plan is to disinfect the entire seating space and other surrounding areas after every event, using drones. 

Drones have been specifically built for this purpose by Lucid Drone Technologies. The upcoming Falcons’ home game against the Carolina Panthers, on 11th October, will be the first time these specific drones will be used to sanitize the stadium.

The stadium has claimed that they will be the first ones to be using such technology for sanitization. The benefits have also been laid out by them, beginning with the fact that the staff can work elsewhere rather than spending time on this. The cleaning is also eventually done quicker with drones designed for the task.

Tow drones with electrostatic spraying nozzles that are present for the distribution of the non-toxic chemicals will be used on the day and a regular basis. A third one will be present as a back up as well. Handrails and glass partitions on the stadium site will also be included in the cleaning area’s scope for these drones.

The world needs to adapt to more solutions like these, which can help reopen public spaces cautiously and safely. The staff doesn’t just have the chance to stay socially distanced because of this. The benefit is that the task becomes easier and efficient. In Pittsburgh and Chennai both, cleaning robots have been deployed to timely disinfect the areas allotted to them.

Surface cleaning has become an important aspect of the new normal we all have had to face as the world has started to open up. Although, many have criticized that it might not be as important as it is being considered to be. Critics say that the virus being airborne is a much bigger issue than it staying on the surface. Hence, masks and social distancing should be pushed more to keep the transmission at bay.

Concerns have also been raised around the fact that using such methods might bring in the sense of false safety when resources could have been put to use in other aspects. However, surface cleaning using drones isn’t the only method for the stadium to be used for safety. In addition to this, only a limited number of fans will be allowed, and 600 sanitizing dispensers will also be deployed around the entire stadium. Face coverings will also be mandatory for the upcoming game.

Image source: TheVerge

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