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AT&T Honors Doctors and Nurses by Providing 3 months Free Service on FirstNet Connection

AT&T honors Doctors and Nurses by providing 3 months free service on FirstNet Connection

What came as a surprise, a gesture by AT&T, has won the hearts of many. The company in a statement released by its CEO saw that AT&T had released a new plan called FirstNet, which will provide free service for 3 months to Doctors and Nurses. It is done as a sign of appreciation towards all the Doctors and Nurses for providing their assistance relentlessly in fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. This news was announced on a Sunday Night Show by John Krasinski’s Some Good News.

According to the offer policy provided by the company, the individuals involved in the Front Line of defense to curb the pandemic will be provided with free service for as long as they are on the FirstNet Service Connection by AT&T. This policy is called the First Responder plan. Also, the policy is open for customers who have a verified state license to be a nurse or a doctor in the US and other nearby US territories. 

The offer is also extended and available to every one of those doctors and nurses involved in fighting the pandemic, regardless of whether they are a new customer for the FirstNet Connection plan or an existing one.

The existing plan for every user on AT&T is $40 per month for services like unlimited calls, text, and data. For unlimited mobile hotspot, a user will have to pay $45 per month. Doctors and nurses on any plan like a $40 or $45 plan can change it and move to the FirstNet Connection and enjoy free services on text, call, and unlimited data immediately.

All medical professionals and their family members that have subscribed to a traditional AT&T plan will have to switch their plan if they wish to enjoy the free service. The person will also have to provide a license to authenticate their identity within 30 days of activating the new service.

The entire process has been made very easy by the AT&T Company. You can do the switch and provide the necessary documents for verification through the company’s official website. The process has been made online to aid in the practice of social distancing. Various other information related to this new policy can be found on their website along with the sign-up options. People who wish to know more about the terms and conditions involved can also find it there.

But that is not all that the company is planning to do. The AT&T Company is also providing $200 off to anyone purchasing their FirstNet ready phone while activating the plan. Some of the most recent AT&T phones include top devices like the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 pro, and the pro max. Other phones like Samsung Galaxy S20 5G devices are also included.

The company has been aiming towards providing their uninterrupted 4G LTE services for professionals that are helping in the COVID-19 pandemic and are also going to be the first responders to the new policy. It is something new, and the announcement by AT&T is the first from a wireless carrier company to provide their gratitude to the medical professionals involved in the pandemic.

No other company has yet announced any such policy to aid and abet the medical professionals. But it is expected that companies like Verizon will follow suit. It was not long ago when Verizon in March announced that the company would be providing extra high speed on its hotspot and data connection to help people in working from home. The company also said that they would increase the amount of data cap that they have put on each plan in their network.

Another big company like T-Mobile, announced last month that they would be making all of their new and existing plans free for 60 days due to the ongoing pandemic scenarios along with providing their customers with extra hotspot data.

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