Audi introduces its next EV, E-Tron Sportback in 2020

Audi launching next ev e-tron sportback image

Last year Audi had launched its first electric car called E-Tron SUV. Now, the German-based auto firm has revealed that it plans to launch its next electric car, named as E-Tron Sportback. Audi showcased this car during the Auto Show 2019, which was held in Los Angeles.

Features of E-Tron Sportback
E-Tron Sportback would start running in Europe during the first half of 2020, perhaps during the spring season. Audi’s latest EV would be having a running range of 446 km (or around 277 miles). It comes with two electric motors, taking its total power to about 265 kW or 350 horsepower. The base price of Sportback (with a little lesser power and a smaller-sized battery) starts at 71,350 euros. This is equivalent to 79,000 US dollars.

Audi plans to create E-Tron Sportback using the same electric drivetrain and battery that was used to build its E-Tron SUV. In short, Audi is using the same platform which it had used for its first electric car in order to build a faster running electric vehicle.

Audi has stated that E-Tron Sportback would arrive in the US around the fall of 2020. This would be a slightly higher version of Sportback with higher specifications. It is expected to have a slightly higher running range, as compared to E-Tron SUV, which had an estimate of 204 miles given by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, as the vehicle has been designed with a sedan style, it can cover more distance in the same time frame with the same 95kWh battery pack, as the E-Tron SUV.

With Audi launching its two EVs, it only plans to add more electric vehicles in the near future, according to sources. Audi’s parent company Volkswagen has always dreamt of having more electric vehicles in its fleet. Audi plans to follow suit.

How does the E-Tron Sportback interior look?
The interior of Sportback is also quite similar to that of E-Tron SUV. A digital instrument cluster measuring 12.3 inches looks up from behind the steering wheel. The dashboard consists of the main touchscreen measuring 12.1 inches. There is another touchscreen below the main one. This measures about 8.6 inches. This touchscreen is used for inputting text and climate controls.

Voice controls are also present in Audi’s information and entertainment system. It comes with an Amazon Alexa as well.

Audi had planned everything about E-Tron Sportback way back in 2017. However, that was mainly conceptual. But there is no major difference, just that a standard grille has been used as compared to the one which was present on the conceptual design. Also, the body of the vehicle has been toned a little. All said and done, overall, the shape of car resembles the one that was planned during concept designing.

The final version of the EV would consist of virtual mirrors, at least in Europe. Presently, this type of mirror is not encouraged in the US. However, the regulators are now considering to change this rule.

The E-Tron Sportback would also be coming up with LED matrix headlights. These headlights, when used, are capable of illuminating any road with high precision.

Audi’s first EV, E-Tron SUV, was quite well appreciated by its users. Let us hope that E-Tron Sportback, too, receives similar feedback. Apparently, E-Tron SUV was launched later than planned. This was due to some battery-related issues. Also, there was always the risk of battery fire even after E-Tron SUV hit the roads. Due to this, Audi had to recall many of its vehicles. However, at present, Audi claims to have sorted out both these problems. This means the E-Tron Sportback launch should be pretty smooth.

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