Avail Big Labor Day Savings on Purchase of Brentwood Home Mattresses and More

Buyers looking to purchase mattresses can try shopping for the same at Brentwood Home. The firm has announced a Labor Day sale where buyers can avail huge discounts on select mattresses, hybrid latex mattresses, cypress memory foam mattresses, crystal cove yoga collection, and pet beds. These discounts are expected to be present for a short while. 

How much discount is being offered on each of the products?

As mentioned above, discounts have been offered on the following products. A certain discount code has been assigned to most of the products.

  • $175 off on Select Mattresses: Users can avail $175 off on mattresses that have been handcrafted. The discount is also applicable to the non-toxic and double-sided Crystal Cove hybrid mattresses, the very much in-demand and deluxe Oceano hybrid mattresses, and the natural and organic Cedar Natural Luxe hybrid mattress. Users have to use the discount code “NATURE175” to avail discounts on these products. It is important to note that discounts cannot be combined. 
  • $100 off on Hybrid Latex Mattress: Users can get these hybrid latex mattresses at $100 less than the actual cost. These mattresses are made using natural and recycled materials. No discount code is required for this particular one. 
  • 20% discount on Crystal Cove Yoga Collection: A 20% discount applies to the Crystal Cove Yoga Collection pillows. Users can also avail free of cost shipping and free returns on these products. The discount code to be used for this product is “YOGA20”. However, users need to note that this offer does not apply to Crystal Cove Yoga Bundle and Square+Oval pillow bundle. 
  • 20% discount on Pet Beds: Users can avail of an offer of 20% on Runyon and Griffith pet beds. Again, there are facilities of free returns and free shipping on these products. Users need to use the discount code “PETBED20” to avail discounts on these pet beds. This discount is applicable until supplies last. 

Barring the discounts on the pet beds, the rest of the products can be purchased at a discounted rate till September 8th. 

Brentwood Home has its base in Southern California, where it creates and makes its mattresses. These mattresses are shipped free of cost. They also have a trial period of a year, along with a 25-year limited warranty. 

Brentwood Home recently launched their Eco-Comfy Seat Cushions that go easy on the bum. These cushions are made using natural materials that provide a lot of comforts. It also comes with a beautiful design. These are available in two variations-cooling charcoal-infused memory foam or robustly supportive GOLS organic certified latex. Users can choose either depending on their choice of comfort. They are suitable for desk chairs, the driver’s seat, and any firm and sturdy surface. 

For the past 33 years, Brentwood Home has been making one of the best comfortable mattresses, pillows, and bedding stuff. These products are made using safe and organic materials. All of these products are developed at the Los Angeles factory of Brentwood Home. All of the designers, makers, and artisans involved in creating these products pay a lot of attention to tiny, articulated details that tend to get ignored by most of the others. The “California Ethos” of Brentwood Home prompts them to develop amazing products that ensure sound sleep apart from encouraging healthy lifestyles and better well-being.

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