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Azerbaijan threatens to attack Metzamur atomic plant, Armenia & cause a ‘Chernobyl-like’ disaster in Caucasus Drone War

Azerbaijan threatens attack on Metzamur atomic plant Armenia

Azerbaijan and Armenia might soon get into a war-like situation. The countries have been continuously giving away threats to each other on multiple occasions. Experts have estimated that if this isn’t stopped soon, it may take the shape of a nuclear war or something like the Chernobyl event that happened in Russia. Sources say that the increase in armed drone forces is alarming and certainly significant in both countries. Azerbaijan has even threatened Armenia that it will attack the atomic power plant in Armenia. This threat is exactly what that has taken the world by surprise and also fear as this indicates a nuclear situation that will affect millions of people and also might affect neighboring countries.

The already ongoing fighting amongst the two nations has already caused the death of almost 16 people. Both countries claim that they have shot down enemy drones. While Azerbaijan denied Armenia’s claims of having brought down over 13 of their unmanned aircraft, Armenian officials said that Azerbaijan had been targeting civilians and had already done so in the town of Berd. Although most sources have reported that the fighting has stopped currently, the situation is still tense. Many civilians are seen protesting on the road to support the retaking of the Nagorno-Karabakh area by the use of military forces.

The one thing that has been catching public attention is the alarming threat to the Metzamur atomic Energy station. In very recent developments in the relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Azerbaijani defense ministry spokesperson Vagif Dargyakhly said that they had weapons that were capable enough to hit the Metzamur atomic station very accurately and cause a nuclear catastrophe, one similar to the Chernobyl catastrophe, he made this statement on Thursday.

The Metzamur station is just as old as the Chernobyl power plant; it was built in the 1970s. The atomic power station was then shut down after an earthquake in 1988 and then later re-opened in 1994 because Armenia was in desperate need of a source of energy. This atomic plant is sometimes described as the world’s most dangerous nuclear plant.

However, this threat from Azerbaijan came up after a suspected threat made by Armenia to the Mingachevir dam. This dam holds 15 billion cubic meters of water and is used as a supply for a huge hydroelectric power plant. Armenia, however, denies this threat and has said that they never target civilians and thus they never threatened to hit the dam. Artsrun Ovannisyan, the spokesperson for the defense ministry of Armenia, said in an interview that statements like these were a crime in itself.

Sources say that Azerbaijan does have access to a few missiles, but they are just long-range ballistic missiles and would not be able to hit a target as accurately. Experts say that it would be too difficult for ballistic missiles to hit a target as focused as a small building. While precision attacks on specific targets like power plants and buildings were confined to the major air forces only. Now, with the incoming of various drone missiles, the smaller nations can execute long-range strikes on other states or countries. Reports say that both Azerbaijan and Armenia have their hands on smaller drones with small warheads, but Azerbaijan is trying to get access to bigger unmanned aircraft.

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