Beach cleaning Vacuum Cleaner made by Engineering Students goes viral!


A group of 12 students from the University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, have invented a plastic vacuum cleaner known as Hoola One, to clean the beaches from plastics. We know, beaches are suffering the most with plastic waste, resulting in pollution which even hampers the sea life. Cleaning the beach from plastic waste is a tedious job and would take a lot of time. The Hoola One, made by the students, can help a lot in cleaning the beaches. 

The vacuum cleaner uses a handheld hose to suck the plastic and release the sand back to the beach. The sand and rocks which comes along with plastic, are deposited into a tank of water. Being heavier in weight, the rocks and sand sink to the bottom of the tank which can then later be released back to the beach. The plastic waste, having less density than water, floats on the top of the tank, which can then be removed and disposed of in a safe manner.

When asked how the students got an idea for such an invention, the co-founder Sam Duavl said to the Hawaii Public radio that, “We did some research and we realized there was no machine around the world to do this kind of job. So we told each other, ‘We will invent it’ and we did it.”

According to news reports, the vacuum cleaner is now in the experiment mode and is being used in the beaches of Hawaii to see whether the machine is efficient enough and if it can even take micro-plastics off the beaches.

If the experiment becomes successful, then not only the students would be able to produce more such machines but also it would help in cleaning the beaches and helps the sea life environment from getting affected by plastic waste. When the plastic waste flows into the sea through the beaches or when dumped directly from the ships, float in the seas and oceans, which are later then eaten by the sea animals, who mistake it for food and later die. Many sea animals, such as whales, dolphins, sharks, etc. have been affected by these tragedies. There have been new cases each day regarding this.

With the alert of “climate change” going on, it is necessary to think about some ways and methods to not only save nature and fix the problem of climate change but also need to stop pollution. As the past cannot be changed, we can surely change the future. With such inventions, we can help nature to get rid of water pollution and save the sea animals from such fate. It is the need of the hour that nature needs to be protected and “plastic” being one of the most harmful element and cause for such situations, this vacuum cleaner would be a small step towards this war between pollution and nature. 

We can now wait and see if Hoola One achieves excellence in the experimentation stage or not. If it does, then various countries can opt for this vacuum cleaner and save the beaches from the devil called “plastic.”

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