Bear breaks into a Laundry Room in Nevada County; Ripped Ceiling & Damaged Washing Machine

Bears breaks into laundry room image

A wild bear from the woods got into a resident’s home. You heard it right. Bear as in big black 7 feet tall giant fluffy animal, broke into a Nevada County resident’s room. It got into the Laundry room by simply pushing the door. Ken Morse heard noises from his laundry room at around 11:30 pm on Sunday night when he was in his office working late.

In an interview, Ken Morse said that the first feeling he had was that it is pretty amazing that there is a big black bear in his laundry room. Morse said when he heard crashing noises from his laundry room, he knew something was wrong. He also added that he used to deal with nature but not so close like he had to do in the bear-arrival day.

“If you’ve never had a bear charge at you through a window, you haven’t lived yet,” Morse said.

“It sounded like someone came through a window and took out a shelf all at the same time. Which turns out that’s pretty much what it was,” he said.

In one of the video, the bear can be seen stretching from ground to ceiling, whose estimated height is said to be more than 7 feet tall. The bear knocked over the washing machine which let the water to flow around in the room. The bear also ripped up a part of the ceiling in the room.

Morse said that they all started flashing lights in the bear’s eyes so that the bear does not come charging at them because the second they stopped, it might attack. In one of the pictures that Morse captured, the bear is seen approaching him and almost as if it will attack in the very next moment.

It was quite unusual for the fire department too, to receive a call regarding bear breaking into the house.

“I’ve been in the fire service for 33 years and this is the first time I’ve been called out to remove a bear from a residential structure,” said Robb Rothenberger, Ophir Hill Fire Department fire chief.

The fire department did not know what to take with them while going to the house where bear locked himself up. So they took their usual stuff- an Axe, a Sledgehammer and a rope to the place. Who knows what stuff is of use and when!

“Someone’s got to twist the handle and then we can put a board in there to crack the door just long enough so that he can grab it pull it open and get back into the woods,” Morse suggested. And that is exactly what happened.

The bear got out of the house just exactly how he got in. He got out of the front door and vanished into the woods. Ken Morse suffered a pretty good amount of damages in his laundry room. His washing machine was tipped over. Hose was popped and water was running. And he had to temporarily cut off the supply of water, electricity, and gas.

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