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Beaver Dam Fire Department Curbs Fire Caused by a Dehumidifier

Beaver dam fire department curbs fire caused by a dehumidifier

On Sunday, the Beaver Dam fire department responded to a call in the town of Calamus for a fire in a basement. The homeowner witnessed smoke coming out of the basement and instantly called 911 to report the incident. The event occurred early in the evening, and the response was very quick while the fire was curbed soon enough.

After a complete investigation of the fire, the Beaver fire and rescue department reported in a press release that the homeowner had already evacuated the basement and the entire home by the time they reached for the rescue operation. It was the best thing to do, Considering the smoke coming out from the basement they said.

The single-family ranch-style house where the fire was reported has light smoke coming out of it, so the fire crew was able to quickly enter the basement and extinguish the small fire it was. Once the fire had been extinguished, the fire workers checked on carbon monoxide, and the entire house was ventilated to ensure the family could inhabit it again.

The cause of the small fire was a malfunctioning dehumidifier that was placed in the basement. The reason for malfunction is that the humidifier was plugged into an extension cord and not a socket directly.

The fire department stayed on site for about an hour to ensure that everything was in check. Additional firefighters were also deployed on the ground to assist in two more calls nearby. It was also informed later that this had been one of the three calls regarding a humidifier exploding in the Beaver dam area over the last few years. The incidence that took place on Sunday seems to be a common occurrence in the area, given how the fire department has responded to similar calls earlier.

Dodge county sheriff and the Dodge country emergency response team were also on-site to help out with the situation, along with Lieutenant John Jatczak. He was able to break into the basement earlier to curb the fire in time.

Many faulty dehumidifiers malfunctioning in times like this has come up when such fires have occurred. People around using similar devices were concerned if theirs would also malfunction at some point and what all precautions they should be taking to avoid the situation altogether.

Consumer product safety commission has suggested this to do good research on the product and recall the company or the brand as each one has a different procedure for redressal. Taking pictures of the problem that the customer might be facing with the dehumidifier is the best option to push forward the issue. It would help avoid fire situations and keep your informed on the use of the dehumidifier.

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