Bentley to beat Tesla with its first Electric Car in 2025

Bentley is planning its next move in the electric car area. The company’s chief executive has shared a snippet where he says the team is working on blending both the past and the future. The company’s owner Adrian Hallmark believes that when it comes to creating new products “it’s all about electrification”, that is what he told the Automotive News Europe. 

The Geneva Motor show of 2018 witnessed the first every Bentley’ with a plug’ known as the Bentayga Hybrid. This electric car will be joining the range of other cars that are to come in the future. But it still has not been disclosed what form the car will take or how they plan to power it. There are several ways to approach; we have to believe that Bentley won’t be putting an electric power train into the cars, of course. 

Hallmark also stated that “we could take one of the existing nameplates and that could be the first electric car, but we wouldn’t take an existing car and try to fit batteries into it, because there is compromise from a range and efficiency point of view”. Technically the challenge is not to simply make an electric Bentley, but this British company wants the battery-powered model of the car to live up to the legacy the original cars have created and maintain the standard. They have to make sure they blend effortless power with a good amount of driving range. Hallmark plans to use solid-state batteries for the first electric car. 

He also said, “I am not saying we are to go solid state, but it is already on the radar within the 2020s period”. Solid-state batteries are considered to perform better as compared to the lithium-ion batteries. This is pretty crucial to make Bentley work. Bentley is a company that focuses more on the luxury factor than efficiency. So, they will have to work on factoring a battery which can provide a range of massive battery pack. The solid-state batteries are 30 per cent lighter for a particular amount of energy than the lithium-ion batteries. This capacity of solid-state batteries to store more energy in a given volume makes it such an attractive factor for automakers. 

Bentley’s parent company Volkswagen has also invested in the solid-state batteries. In fact, Hallmark has even explained how the engineers will take advantage of the various innovative methods of packaging possibilities all thanks to the electric powertrains. He also revealed that his firm does not plan to reveal a mini but he did say that an electric Bentley will surely have a smaller footprint as compared to Mulsanne, but offering reasonable interior space. He used the Jaguar I-pace as an example as to how it is fourteen inches shorter than the Land Rover’s Range Rover but is equally spacious, this is because of the electric engine which replaces the fuel-burning petrol or diesel engines. You can expect something similar with the Bentley.

Image Source: DigitalTrends

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