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BESPOKE Refrigerators Obtain 68 Design Rights in Major Markets Worldwide for their Unique Customized Refrigerator

BESPOKE Refrigerators are unique in design, they obtain 68 design rights in major markets worldwide

BESPOKE refrigerators, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, have earned a lot of recognition at their place of origin and in many major markets globally, thanks to the uniqueness with which their refrigerators have been designed. In an achievement that Samsung would extremely be proud of, BESPOKE has won 68 design rights across important global markets that include Korea, America, China, India, and even Europe. The company specified the details while announcing on December 13. 

BESPOKE had filed applications for about 94 design rights, out of which it has already received the rights for 68 of these. Keeping in mind the number of design rights that have been filed, one can only expect this number to increase in the days to come. 

How does BESPOKE design its refrigerators?

BESPOKE allows customers to customize refrigerators and choose a design that suits their requirements. The refrigerators opt for a panel design, within which the panels can be easily upgraded and replaced. The refrigerator door has been structured to make out the fore frame within the door structure easily. The refrigerator adopts a modular design format, making the entire set look like a standalone appliance even if there are many units installed beside each other. 

BESPOKE came into existence about one and a half years ago. It has gained a lot of fame, especially for the kind of door panels that it designs. In all, BESPOKE refrigerators boast about 27 varieties of door panels. These panels give a lot of privilege to the customers to customize their refrigerator by choosing the color of their choice, the fridge’s material, and a module consisting of an internal design that is by their lifestyle and internal design.

The way BESPOKE designs its refrigerators give users a feeling that the refrigerator comes along with the kitchen, or rather, it has been built exclusively for the users’ kitchen. The customer would not have to carry out any work in his kitchen to fit in the refrigerator. Kitchen furniture pieces in Korea measure about 700 mm in depth. 

Samsung Electronics has invested about five years in carrying out research and finalizing the appropriate technology for the refrigerator that makes the appliance heat resistant and keeps up its consistent high performance irrespective of its location in the kitchen where it has been placed. The company has given a lot of thought process to bringing its modular design within refrigerators. They become a perfect fit within every kitchen while maintaining its good functionality. 


The company came into origin sometime during June 2019. It initially launched in China, post which Samsung went on to extend its branches in Europe and the CIS countries. 

BESPOKE refrigerators are designed keeping in mind the trendy kitchens found in most households as of today. Customers have the privilege of opting for refrigerator designs according to their preferences, and the company designs these refrigerators as per customer likes and choices. The refrigerators are also available in various colors that give an elegant look and various textures that feel quite good to touch. The appliance makes use of technology such that foods stored within it remain fresh and last longer.

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