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It is a fact that oxygen is crucial for our survival. The air we take is composed of about 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and rest 1% contain an aggregate of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water vapor, noble gases, methane, oxides of sulfur, oxides of nitrogen, ozone, dust particles, smoke, etc. Apart from the hazardous effect, industrialization and overpopulation have led to increased emission of exhaust fumes from factories, vehicles, and machines, which lead to a rise in levels of smoke and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. 

This increased smoke, oxides of nitrogen, oxides of sulfur, and oxides of carbon lead to serious health consequences like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, allergies, oral cancer, and other respiratory illnesses not cured on time can lead to death. To minimize the excess amount of pollutants, air purifiers came into existence. All you need to do is choose the air purifier from the below best HEPA Air Purifiers list.

Top 10 Best Rated Air Purifier Reviews (2020)

In the present era, air purifiers have become devices of utmost need in urban setup. Be it hospitals or residential zones, be it to curtail asthma issues for patients or to minimize consumption of unhealthy gasses by healthy individuals, air purifiers tend to be crucial for maintaining a sustained luxurious lifestyle. Using air purifiers in exhaust systems of vehicles and factories is the most efficient way of handling and controlling air pollution. Now lets move on to the best rated Air Purifier Reviews.


GermGuardian AC4825




Winix 5500-2


Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02


Hamilton Beach True Air 04386A




Honeywell HPA300


Hathaspace Smart true HEPA


Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1


GermGuardian GG1000

Guardian technologies is one of major air purifiers selling brands. GermGuardian AC4825 is one of the best air purifiers available online. In Fact it has been placed in Amazon’s Choice for category of domestically used air purifiers.

Germ Guardian 22 inch 4-in-1 Air Purifier for Sale



Item Weight

6 Pounds


5.5 × 9 × 21.5 Inches

Model Number


Germ Guardian AC4825E employs usage of three air purifying techniques in one device itself i.e., It makes use of HEPA filters along with ultraviolet radiations and activated charcoal to achieve removal of around 99.97% of almost all impurities with a minimum size of 0.3 microns and organic constituents like bacteria, viruses and spores all destroyed by ultraviolet radiation type C whose mechanism is enhanced with catalyst titanium dioxide. Also, this is one of the best air purifiers for pets, smoke, others and it has been certified as an AHAM and energy star verified model.



Levoit Air Purifiers are a brand renowned for providing quality air purification systems which may be used anywhere in house. LV-H132 is one of major online sales models, which happens to have all certifications required, be it by CARB guidelines, FCC, and ETL regulations. These air purifiers happen to have a 3 filter system employing use of HEPA filtration technique, activated charcoal filtration method, and preliminary filtration for suspended particulate matter.

LEVOIT Air Purifier LV-H132 with with H13 True HEPA Filters



Item Weight

6.61 Pounds


15.5 × 16.5 × 26 Inches

Model Number


Thus, LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier is capable of dealing against allergens, pollen grains, fungi spores, microscopic pathogens, smoke, and foul odors. None of technologies manufactured by levoit make use of UV-C radiations for sterilization, and neither do they produce ozone. Thus, chances of carcinogenic effects on inhabitants is reduced.



Winix Inc. has been a widely acclaimed brand ever since 1973, providing quality-based air and water purification systems. Winix 5500-2 is one of the latest technologies currently promoted to the position of Amazon’s choice for the Winix air purifiers category. This Air Purifier with Washable Filter is a major enhancement over previously discussed models with remote control access and indoor air quality sensors, which can put devices in automatic mode for functioning.

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier Amazon Sale



Item Weight

15.4 Pounds


15 x 8.2 x 23.6 Inches

Model Number


This best air purifier 5500-2 is pre-equipped with three different air purification techniques, assuring a much-secured environment for patients with asthma, pollen allergy, dust allergy, or any other respiratory tract infections. It can be used in both medium-sized and large-sized rooms without any issues.



Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 is another major model of air purifiers sold online and widely acclaimed in the market. It happens to work as both an air purifier and cooler in summers with two filter systems, which include a HEPA filter followed by an inner layer of activated charcoal filter. 

It has a stylized cylindrical shape that comes in two color shades i.e., white and silver. This best air purifier from Dyson is capable of filtering out 99.97% of organic and inorganic impurities from air, apart from reducing the number of unpleasant odors in surroundings.

Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier



Item Weight

7.9 Pounds


7.7 x 4.3 x 40.1 Inches

Model Number

N475 305158-01

Dyson Air Purifier Pure Cool Link TP02 can be connected to one’s cell phone via WiFi or a regulator app, which acts as the user’s remote control device. It functions without any need for batteries but requires a single unit to be arranged soon after purchase.



Hamilton Beach is a major brand supplying a wide variety of household appliances, including air purifiers. Hamilton Beach TrueAir Purifier 04386A is one of cheaper and widely sold air purifiers marketed by the same manufacturers online. 

This best air purifier for smoke, pets, allergy is available in two basic colors, which include black and white. It is basically a device incorporated with a HEPA filter that doesn’t require replacement. It has an elegant design suited to the interior decor of one’s office and house.

Hamilton Beach True Air 04386A Air Purifier Sale



Item Weight

5.74 Pounds


6 × 8.5 × 13.5 Inches

Model Number


Hamilton Beach Air Purifier 04386A is efficient enough to remove around 99% of impurities from air minimizing prevalence of allergens like dust, pollen, smoke, fumes as a miniature in size as particles of 3 microns in diameter. 

It can operate no matter how the user aligns it, vertically or horizontally, and functions more like a vacuum cleaner except that it doesn’t require much maintenance and is much quieter when working.




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LEVOIT LV-PUR131 is another slightly costlier model manufactured by LEVOIT with similar 3-filter operating systems as an LV-H132 air purifier.

LEVOIT Air Purifier LV-PUR131 with HEPA Filter



Item Weight

11.24 Pounds


10.2 × 18 × 22 Inches

Model Number


LV-PUR131 constitutes of a preliminary particle filter unit, HEPA filter and an activated charcoal filter for overall purification in a larger room of upto 322 square feet area to sterilize air and remove upto 99.97% of germs, particles as small as 0.3 microns, pathogens, spores, unpleasant odors, and smoke. This best air purifier for Allergies, Smoke, and Mold has successfully passed every test and trial under CARB, Energy Star, FCC, and ETL.



Honeywell air purifiers is another major brand contributing to the air purifiers industry with Honeywell True HEPA allergen remover being most recommended by doctors for asthma patients and people suffering from dust allergies or hay fever. HPA300 is capable of removing upto 99.97% impurities from air, including pollutants of type PM 2.5 and particles up till a minimum of 0.3 microns.

Honeywell HPA300 Air Cleaner for Sale



Item Weight

21 Pounds


9.25 x 20 x 22.25 Inches

Model Number


Honeywell HPA300 Air Purifier constitutes two mainstream filter units, mainly HEPA filters and another activated charcoal filter unit, which acts as a preliminary filtration barrier. This charcoal filter needs to be fixed with a cleaner spare within a duration of every 3 months interval. On other hand, the main HEPA filter of this best home air purifier needs to be replaced within a regular interval of 1 year. It has an in-built replacement monitoring indicator for signifying imminent arrival of replacement day.



Hatha Space is an economically and commercially important brand that supplies best air purifiers for larger rooms within cost-effective price ranges and fully satisfying results. Hathaspace Smart True HEPA air purifier is considered as one of the best models available online with six purification barriers before cleaned air is released back into the atmosphere.

Hathaspace Smart True HEPA HSP001 Air Purifier



Item Weight

12 Pounds


13.5 x 7 x 19.5 Inches

Model Number


Hathaspace Smart True HSP001 is capable of eliminating all kinds of contaminants, thereby making the environment much safer for asthma patients, hay fever patients, and people with allergies from dust, pollen, or pet hair. It is placed in ranks of Amazon’s choice in best air purifier for large and spacious rooms.



Pure Enrichment is another cheap and durable brand selling air purifiers online. Pure Enrichment PureZone HEPA air purifier is a major model that employs 3 filter zones that include a preliminary filter, HEPA filter, and activated charcoal filter layer.

Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 Quiet Air Purifier



Item Weight

6 Pounds


6.9 × 10.8 × 12.1 Inches

Model Number

PureZone 3-in-1

Additionally, UV-C technology plays a major role in sterilizing air as a sanitizing antiseptic. It is capable of purifying upto 99.97% of impurities with a minimum size of around 0.3 microns as a lower limit. This best room air purifier is a highly cost-effective model with upto 5 years warranty.



GermGuardian GG1000 is another model of air purifiers manufactured by Guardian technologies. It is a cheaper and much smaller version of air purifiers available in 3 different colors. This best air purifier for mold, pets also acts as a deodorizer with direct plug attachments.

GermGuardian GG1000 Pluggable Air Purifier for Pets, Mold



Item Weight

14.4 Ounces


19 cm × 7.5 Inches

Model Number


Germ Guardian Pluggable Air Purifier employs ultraviolet light bulbs emitting UV rays type C for sterilizing air and has no filter attachments. It removes all foul odors and makes indoor air quality much better and germ-free. This personal air purifier can be used in any room within a house or building provided a plug socket is available.



How did we decide this list as Top 10?

Behind this Top 10 list there is 74 hours of research. We contemplated more than 40 models and compared their features, specifications, and price. For complete knowledge on these models, we have analyzed up to 125 air purifier reviews. And finally, we came up with this best Air Purifiers list to match the requirement of each and every user.

Buying Guide for Air Purifiers

So many explanations were imparted before. Details and features were given for readers to make their choices wisely, yet to arrive at a full proof conclusion, one needs to know and assess everything right from basics. So this guide happens to elicit certain clues, which will aid in making an in-depth analysis to buy the right purifier.

What is an Air Purifier?

The definition is pretty much evident from the name itself. But to lay it before common folk in simple terms it is a tool used to filter surrounding air of all unwanted toxic gases, dust, germs and impure vapors. So that inhabitant of premises incorporated with said device breathes in fresh air at all times without contracting any dust or unpleasant odor induced cough or headache. 

For asthma patients and people with an allergy against dust particles or pollen grains, this machine does a great deal of work to curb factors responsible for precipitating hypersensitivity reaction mechanisms while these people are still inhabiting that room or car installed with an air purifier.

In open areas itself where traffic is heavy or factories emitting polluting air particles are more in number, people may feel suffocated with a number of toxic gases entering their nostrils. There are cases of children having been locked inside a car with no open windows and no ac only to be found dead next morning because of a dearth in oxygen supply and higher levels of carbon monoxide in air passages. 

Need to provide purified air and requirement of devices like air conditioners to provide relief from excessive heat ushered in an era of discoveries, and patent right fights by renowned engineers and scientists like Charles Anthony Deane (1830), John Stenhouse (1860s), John Tyndall (1870s) and more.

Where to Place Air Purifier?

Air purifiers can be used in residential areas as individual units, or used in hospitals, factories, and offices on a wider scale in collaboration with air handler units (AHU) or HVAC units. These play a role in purifying industrial smoke and exhaust fumes from vehicles before contaminated air is released into the atmosphere. This way, these play a role in controlling environmental pollution. 

Apart from these applications, air purifiers also find a great deal of use in the fire fighting industry. For firefighters, divers and astronauts, it is a matter of utmost essence to keep on providing fresh oxygen for them to be able to respire. Considering they are required to pass through low oxygen density zones where there is a possible risk of death without proper air pumps and purifiers. 

Ventilators using air purifiers and humidifiers in ICU directly supply oxygen as the patient is unable to respire himself properly due to comatose or semi-paralyzed states. Infact John Tyndall was responsible for bringing the concept of a respiratory helmet with air purifying mechanism into existence for the fire brigade. John Tyndall improved a fireman’s helmet and respirator, specializing it to a filter device to be used against smoke. 

HEPA air filters were marketed first in the 1950s after their utility was acknowledged during the United States’ Manhattan Project. These HEPA air filters were first sold to be used domestically in 1963 by Manfred and Klaus, founder brothers of Incen Air Corporation ( currently IQAir corporation).

Types of Air Purifier Technologies

Depending on various techniques discovered to remove unwanted contaminants from atmospheric air, air purifiers are broadly categorized as:

  • Active air purifier technologies: These devices themselves make use of electricity or ultraviolet rays to ionize gases in air facilitating release of charged ions that attach themselves to particulate matter thereby, facilitating their removal or disintegration through further oxidation.
  • Passive air purifier technologies: These are filters which separate particulate matter from air by employing filtration techniques without expenditure of energy.
  • Purifiers with active and passive technologies: These air purifiers employ one of active energy-consuming techniques like Ionisers or PCO with passive filters like HVAC units or HEPA.

How to Clean Air Purifier?

  • The machine must always be unplugged before cleaning.
  • Be certain not to insert any waste into filter openings.
  • Permanent filters must be vacuumed every few months to ascertain their longevity.
  • Washable filters must be removed separately before cleaning.
  • The purifier surface must be cleaned with a soft clean moist cloth.
  • The exit pathway for filtered air can be cleaned of dust using a dry brush or cotton mesh.
  • The front outlet or grill must be removed separately and swiped with a wet cloth (not dipped in water). It should be dried before placing it back.
  • Normal HEPA and carbon filters are not meant to be washed. These are replaced with newer filters from time to time.
  • The inside wall of the purifier can be cleaned with a soft dry cloth, not with a wet one.

Precautions to take while cleaning an Air Purifier

  • Users must keep scrutiny on replacement indicators for filters from time to time.
  • UV lamps need to be replaced before expiry date with spares from the same brand.
  • Users must not use gasoline, petrol, oil, detergents, glass cleaner, polish, paint thinner, acetone, ethanol, and other domestic solvents to clean appliances.
  • Device needs to be switched off before unplugging.
  • In air purifiers with ionizers, appliances should be properly grounded with a three-pronged plug or with a ground adapter to safeguard users.
  • Air purifier preferably, must be used only within optimum temperatures of 4°C to 43°C.

Air Purifier vs Humidifier

Air purifiers serve an extremely significant role in the lives of citizens all over the United States. It has been proved owing to increasing concentrations of polluting agents in the atmosphere. Government and United Nations together work towards helping maintain natural standards of the environment. Yet, it is a humongous task to minimize air pollution and so citizens own a very crucial place in the heart of movement. 

With said objective, air purifiers are powerful tools for maintaining a healthy air quality of air indoors at least. In Fact people don’t only rely on air purifiers. They play their part by planting trees, organizing cleanliness camps, and awareness programs.

But now the question arises, how different is an air purifier from a humidifier? Infact what is a humidifier in the first place? More or less, everyone is acquainted with term humidity. the quantity of moisture contained in air is generally considered as humidity of air. Excess of anything is bad. 

Likewise, extremely dry air conditions can lead to problems pertaining to respiratory distress by causing conditions of dehydration, especially in desert areas or facilitating drying of skin in cold climates devoid of any moisture. Such low moisture atmospheric conditions, too, can tend to disrupt the general lifestyle of an individual. A device called a humidifier has been invented to counteract against this sort of condition inside a building. 

Humidifiers in layman terms are machines working on electricity, which improve moisture quantity in a room or entire house. These are normally employed in HVAC systems alongside air purifiers to improve overall quality of indoor air. Medical ventilators need humidifiers to provide best quality air to patients with dyspnoea.

Air Purifiers:

  • Gets rid of impurities from indoor air.
  • Makes use of filters to purify air.
  • Useful for patients suffering from asthma or having dust or pollen allergy.


  • Not meant to purify air.
  • Adds moisture to already dry air. No utility of filters.
  • Aimed at helping people with dry cough.

Some people use either of two devices, and there are others who make use of both these devices to ensure indoor air is sterilized as well as moist enough to not lead to discomfort.

Best Brands of Air Purifiers

Pure Enrichment air purifiers

Pure enrichment air purifiers is a prominent company in current generation manufacturing exceedingly efficient air purifiers over the past few years. Currently, Pure Zone True HEPA purifiers manufactured by Pure Enrichment are much in demand and sold online within a cheap price range to suit users’ needs. 

Infact, this brand happens to be the best commercially popular air purifier brand. It employs usage of 3 filter technologies, including preliminary particulate matter filters, HEPA filters and activated charcoal filters as one single unit. Besides basic filtration techniques, Pure Zone makes use of sterilizing properties of ultraviolet radiation type C to eradicate pathogenic organisms from air. 

This assures users an overall elimination of around 99.97% impurities, even microscopic particles of sizes as tiny as 0.3 microns. Additional features like three different speed settings, night mode, automatic switch-off timer, and indoor air quality indicators make this air purifier as a most desired product recommended by medical professionals as well as asthma patients.

Winix air purifiers

Winix air purifiers is another one of those brands currently in top demand for air purifiers. Winix 5500-2 air purifier is the latest model currently in trend online. It has been specifically engineered to suit any form of homely environment without any limitations. 

It is capable of providing purification facility to extremely large sized rooms of capacity 360 square feet, with help of its 3 filter system consisting of advanced odor control carbon filters, original HEPA filter and plasma wave technology (Latest technology in market). It is well equipped with four-speed options on its dial, be it high, medium, low, or turbo. 

Apart from above facilities, it also comprises an indoor air quality monitoring system, replacement indicator for filters, self-functioning modes, sleep mode, and a remote control system. With assured certifications from AHAM, CARB, Energy Star, and CUL, it has dominated the market as a top-notch air purifier.

Hatha Space Air Purifiers

Hatha Space is another brand belonging to a family of top-rated air purifiers, with very low price margins affordable for people from poorer economic zones. One of the major models currently placed as an Amazon’s choice model for air purifiers used in larger rooms happens to be Hatha Space Smart True HEPA air purifier. 

This equipment makes use of 6 purification barriers to ensure upto 99.97% of impurities from air with an added protection against pathogenic organisms. Besides advanced sterilization techniques employed by this device, Hathaspace Smart also features an auto mode, a sleep mode, three different speed settings, an indoor air quality monitoring system with an LED screen and timer. 

This HathaSpace air purifier is capable of purifying air from large rooms of capacity 350 square feet in area much efficiently and is thus, highly recommendable for homes housing pets, asthma patients, inhabitants allergic to dust or pollen, etc. It is an efficient deodorizer capable of controlling transmission of communicable diseases through aerial modes.


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Factors to consider before buying an Air Purifier

There is never just one reason to buy any article. A customer chooses an article based on benefits it has to offer as weighed against disadvantages it carries. following are certain questions customer needs to raise before selecting a particular brand of air purifier

Price range

Is the article affordable for users? The air purifier may be the best there is in the world, yet if a user doesn’t have sufficient funds to buy it, he simply should not invest there. Rather it will seem wiser to search for other similar air purifiers that may come within an affordable and cheaper price range.

Type of filtering mechanism used

What processes does air purifier employ to eradicate indoor air of all necessary impurities? This guide pretty much explains everything a customer needs to know with respect to all techniques employed during air purification. 

All techniques have a certain level of utility yet, the best air purifier to buy would be one which encompasses hybrid features with more than one filtration procedure taking part in air purification, for example, a combination of HEPA filter with activated charcoal and UV-C technology.

Efficiency and health

What percentage of air does purifier successfully manage to sterilize? How good is an air purifier to keep asthma attacks and allergic reactions at bay? If the price seems reasonable enough, users should check out the efficiency of air purifiers; if it can remove all categories of major impurities much more efficiently, especially in a house with little children always loitering around. 

For individuals with asthma and dust or pollen allergy, it is a matter of utmost concern that they use best quality air purifiers, which may work longer and efficiently to keep air pure and healthy.

Size & capacity it can handle

How small is the purifier? How large a room can an air purifier successfully function without breaking down?
For maximum users, the best choice of air purifiers will be that which consumes least space in a room. All air purifiers have their own limitations as to how much area they can cover during purification. Depending on the area the room encompasses, users should make a judicious choice for appropriate purifier.

Time is taken to assemble parts

How soon can users set the purifier together and get it to work? Not every individual is an expert at setting up machine parts together to be able to make it work. In these cases, models which do not require to be assembled together at all would be preferable.


How long should devices be used consistently to purify polluted indoor air? A user would find it to his or her liking better if the device can work consistently for a longer period of time without shutting down before air purification standard has been achieved. 

If a purifier can handle work within a short span of time without malfunctioning, that’s even better. All users will require a purifier with longer life and warranty so that they don’t have to discard that soon in favor of a new one.


Does air purifier produce a lot of noise while working? Not every individual can withstand every decibel of sounds at all times. Noise, infact, hampers normal concentration of a working individual. the user should make a thorough examination of maximum sound emitted by an air purifier before buying it.

Frequency of filter replacement and Purifier cleaning

How often does a user need to replace filters? How often does the purifier need to be cleaned? Most users will prefer that filters work for a long period of time consistently before their replacement time is due after all user’s money will be saved if the filter happens to be a permanent one. 

If a purifier is made up of good quality material such that it can work efficiently for a long period of time without the user having to undergo hassle to clean it regularly and waste his or her precious time, it would seem a better option.


Can air purifier be carried from one room to another? If the air purifier is small and lightweight, it’s much easier to place it in any room at any point in time, depending on the requirements of the user. That way, the same purifier singlehandedly sanitizes all rooms within the house.

Remote access or Auto Mode

Can air purifier be controlled from afar? In case the air purifier was rather heavier, or the user was extremely tired to move his or her muscles from the couch yet, he or she needs to switch the purifier off manually, what should he or she do? Wouldn’t it simply solve the issue here if a purifier could be controlled by a remote or cell phone via an app or WIFI? 

Assuming the purifier neither has remote access nor is the user awake enough to switch devices off to conserve energy, this issue can simply be solved if the purifier has automatic sensors for detecting air quality so that it automatically switches on when in need and switches off when air quality seems normal.


How much quantity of ozone does the ionizer component of air purifier release? How often does a user have to get exposed to UV-C while replacing a lamp, maybe? Are parts too small or sharp in disarrayed condition, unsafe for children? Ozone, as a tropospheric gas, can tend to do more harm than provide safety for users. users should be careful to check that the purifier meets usual standard limits permitted for by-products and not exceed concentration beyond accepted health parameters. 

Ultraviolet radiations are harmful radiation for human beings, especially UV-C types. These may lead to skin cancers and cataracts. Air purifiers are made up of good quality materials that prevent direct contact of users with UV-C To ensure safety. the user needs to bear this thought in mind that children may tamper with the purifier before buying it. Hence he or she needs to choose appropriately.


Although choice ultimately depends on preference of user, following air purifiers are recommended by doctors to help prevent asthma attacks and allergic reactions in patientsPure Enrichment Pure Zone 3-in-1 air purifier.

  • Winix 5500-2 air purifier.
  • Hatha Space Smart true HEPA air purifier.
  • LEVOIT LV-PUR131 air purifier.
  • Honeywell True HEPA allergen remover.
  • Hamilton Beach True Air purifier.

CADR ( Clean air delivery rate) is basically a parameter used to quantify the amount of air purified by an air filter in one go. higher value of CADR, faster is purification rate by said filter. Depending on CADR values, the speed of air purifier at cleaning can be calculated.

Recommended CADR values are dependent on size of room where purifier has to be placed:

  1. Small-sized rooms (upto 155 square feet capacity): These include single rooms for hostel students, nursery and office cabins. maximum CADR ranges up to 97.
  2.  Sized rooms ( from 156-300 square feet capacity): These include a couple of bedrooms or family rooms. CADR, in this case, ranges from 98-130.
  3.  Sized rooms ( from 301-500 square feet capacity): These include large halls, auditoriums, etc. CADR values, in this case, exceed 130.

 When we speak about indoor air quality, we basically refer to health standards of air present inside our house that we break on an everyday basis. Indoor air quality needs to be maintained within standard limits to keep inhabitants of the house healthy and not just disease-free. Air purifiers work towards making this objective a successful reality by putting lowering quality of air in check.

Placement of an air purifier depends on following factors:

  • Size of purifier.
  • If the purifier itself acts as a plug or depends on an extension cord or is independent of either.
  • most highly polluted room.


Nowadays air purifiers are a necessity more than a luxury. It is important to take care of the atmosphere inside our home. It is essential to have an air purifier at your place if you are in a city with pollution. Most of the air purifiers are very convenient to use and easy to clean and maintain. Refer the best air purifier reviews of our top 10 picks and buy the right one as per your requirement.

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