Get Home Backup for Longer Duration with Best Diesel Generators 2020

Generators have been in high demand since long now. This is due to the current predicament of the weather pattern leading to hurricanes, flooding, fires etc. In times like these, when grid power is not reliable and electricity is indispensable for retaining connectivity with the world. Generators have come through to combat this problem and in the current scenario, portable generators have been trending since some time now.

Portable diesel generators are rampantly expanding through the power equipment market, one better than the other. Inverter generators, dual fuel engines, True Power Technology, electric start remote and what not has been exemplifying the amazing innovation that has gone into manufacturing these generators in such a way so that they are not only able to operate powerfully but also are incredibly efficient and economical.

With a plethora of options in the market it is a gigantic task to just choose one and risking it all. Rest assured, we have compiled a list of the Best Portable Diesel Generators of the year right below.

8 Top Rated Diesel Powered Generators

It is difficult to choose from gasoline, propane or diesel powered generators and each type holds its own feat. The best aspect about Diesel Powered Generators is that they are very fuel efficient and run for longer durations. The below table mentions some of the Best Diesel Generator For Home Backup. They are analyzed on the basis of most efficiency provided, price value and mobility and portability. Read on to learn about them in detail and find the perfect match for your house or workplace.


DuroStar DS7000Q


DuroMax XP12000EH


Pulsar PG10000B16


DuroStar DS4000S


Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500


Westinghouse WGen7500


Champion 3800


Generac 6864

With an admirable peak power output of 6,000 Watt and a steady 5,500 Watt, the DuroStar DS7000Q diesel- powered generator is a reliable power companion for fields, houses, businesses and even emergency power cuts. The direct fuel injection system of the 4- stroke single- cylinder diesel engine facilitates low fuel utilization and is easy to start with just an on/off button.

The enclosed frame packed between the engine/alternator and the outer base frame helps in noise attenuation. The 3.83 gallon fuel tank comes with a readable gauge that allows the generator to run for 12 hours at ½ load.

DuroStar DS7000Q 6,500 Watt Enclosed Portable Diesel Generator



Item Weight

305 pounds


37.8 x 22 x 30.3 inches

Model Number


The 4 single- cylinder engine has a constant power output of 5,500 Watt that can be raised up to 6,000 Watt that works with a 3. 8 gallon fuel tank that allows a 12- hour long run at ½ load and has a direct fuel injection system that uses less fuel making it more efficient and economical.

The generator has a well laid out control panel that consists of the start/stop button, the voltmeter, circuit- breaker and also offers two 120- V, 20 A, 3- prong outlets alongside a ground fault interrupter that can be plugged into home (less power consuming) appliances.

There are also 2 twist- lock outlets that can power high power- consuming machinery and tools, they are 120 V, 30 A, 3-prong outlet and another 120/240 V, 30 A, 4-prong outlet.



With a massive 12,000 Watt power output and dual fuel engine, the DuroMax Hybrid Dual Fuel XP12000EH 12,000-Watt Portable Generator is deal- breaker when it comes to the business of portable generators. Being versatile, the dual fuel engine can run either on gasoline or propane.

While the conventional gasoline is well- tested and dependable, propane is not only economical but also a very efficient and environment- friendly fuel with it being completely combustible and cheaper than gasoline.

The engine is a 457cc, 18HP DuroMax OHV that can fully power two 120V, 20 A outlets, one 120 V, 30 A twist lock outlet and an intense 50 A outlet to power the most intense tools and appliances.

DuroMax Hybrid Dual Fuel XP12000EH 12,000-Watt Portable Generator



Item Weight

227 lbs


29 x 29 x 27.5 inches

Model Number


The engine is an intense 457cc, 18HP DuroMax OHV that can run on either propane or gasoline and provides a power output of 12,000 Watt and 11,400 Watt through gasoline and propane, respectively.

It has two 120V/20A outlets and one 120V/30A twist- lock outlet along with one massive 50A outlet to power much taxing appliances and machinery. With such large power output and heavy- duty engine, the generator is only 227 pounds and is easily portable.

The sturdy all- metal frame and fully framed and encased motor results in very reduced and muffles noise and vibrations. Its portability increases with strong, solid- fill tires.



This portable generator comes with a Switch & Go technology that shows off its dual fuel engine and helps it switch between the gasoline and liquid propane mode with the utmost ease and smoothness.

The air- cooled 420cc, 4- stroke OHV engine gives a peak power output of 10,000 Watt and a constant 8,000 Watt when run on gasoline; and 9,000 peak Watt and steady 7,000 Watt when run on LPG.

It has both, an electric start as well as recoil start.  It has a strong steel frame with drop down handles that make it easy to store and handle.

Pulsar 10,000W Dual Fuel Portable Generator, PG10000B16



Item Weight

209 pounds


28.5 x 22.2 x 21.8 inches

Model Number


The dual fuel system of the 420cc, 4- stroke OHV engine allows it to run on gasoline as well as LPG making it economical and efficient. It comes with a Switch and Go technology that enables the generator to switch from gasoline to gas and vice- versa.

The power output from the engine is 10,000 W/ 8,000 W for gasoline and 9,000 W/ 7,000 W for LPG. The fuel tank can hold 6.6 Gallons of fuel and run for 12 hours at half load.

There are four 120 V outlets, one 120 V/240 V Twist- lock outlet and one major 120/240v 50 A RV port making it a choice for RV Diesel Generator.  Backed up for recoil, it also has an electric start option.



The gas- powered DuroStar DS4000S, 3300 portable generator is the right choice for personal outdoor uses like camping, tailgate parties, garden appliances, etc. It runs on gas and will shut down automatically when fuel is low to prevent damage to the machinery.

This affordable and handy generator is protected against power surges and is great for light- duty appliances from gardening tools to air conditioners. The 7.0-horsepower air-cooled overhead valve engine gives a peak power of 4,000 W and a constant running power of 3,300 W.

DuroStar DS4000S, Gas Powered Portable Generator



Item Weight

102 pounds


23 x 18 x 17.5 inches

Model Number


This 102 lbs. generator is fully metal constructed for utmost endurance and strength. The 3.96 gallon fuel tank allows the 208cc 7HP engine to run for 8 hours on a full tank.

There are two 120 V household power outlets and one 120V twist lock outlet.



The Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 can easily be called the Best Diesel Generator for Home Backup. This inverter generator is the best or domestic uses and appliances as it is 60% softer as opposed to a standard generator making it a Super Quiet Diesel Generator. It is also comfortable to transfer from one place to another as its design is 45% more compact and 30% lighter against a typical portable generator.

With amazing power output of 6,500 starting Watts and 5,000 running Watts, the 306cc integrated engine/alternators is very fuel efficient. At 25% load and with a 5 gallon fuel tank it can run for up to 14 hours. Its portability is enhanced due to its luggage- style handling that makes it super easy and comfortable to glide across surfaces as on would do with a luggage bag.

Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 Inverter Generator



Item Weight

135 lbs


25.5 x 21.1 x 21.4 inches

Model Number


The 306 cc engine of the Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 generator powers at peaks 6,500 W and at constant 5,000 W and runs on gasoline. The 135 pounds generator is compact in design and is lighter by 30% than a common generator. There are four 120V-20A outlets, two USB outlets & one 120V-240V locking outlet. RV adapter in the twist lock outlet can give 2,500 W of nonstop power.




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The Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator is a pleasurable machine due to its immensely user- friendly model and minimal assembly requirement. This is because it is equipped with an electric start button remote that just pushes the generator into action in just a moment. It also has the traditional recoil start.

Boasting a 420 cc Westinghouse 4-Stroke OHV Engine, the WGen 7500 powers through 7,500 W at steady running and 9,500 W at peak. It is enabled to shut down automatically when fuel is low to prevent it from withering and losing viscosity. The Westinghouse engines have an overhead valve technology that enable it to work at even lower temperatures and uses less fuel than traditional side valve engines.

The WGen 7500 has a robust casing of hardened steel- frame that has roll bars that secures the fuel tank completely and GFCI power outlets are rubber covered to provide additional protection against the corrosion and damage from its environment.

Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator with Remote Electric Start



Item Weight

192 pounds


27.3 x 26.2 x 26.2 inches

Model Number

WGen 7500

With 7,500 steady W/ 9,500 peak W, the 420 cc Westinghouse 4- stroke engine runs on gasoline that is filled in a 6.6 Gallon fuel tank that can run for up to 16 hours when the tank is full. There are two Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters- 5-20R 120V Household Duplex Receptacle and One L14-30R 120/240V Twist-Lock Receptacle.

Requires least assembly and starts with a button on a remote fob and 12 V battery charger. There are four 120/240 v outlets and a digital hour meter.



While looking for an Rv Diesel Generator, the Champion Power Equipment 76533 3800 Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready portable generator is where one should stop to look. The generator can run on either gas or propane and comes with a propane hose for immediate use using propane as fuel.

The engine has an electric start that can be pushed into action by just one touch. The 224 cc Champion engine can power at 4750 starting W and 3800 running W when run on gasoline and for propane can a power of 4275 stating W and 3420 running W.

The Small Portable Diesel Generator is very RV- friendly with its 30A RV and is very portable with never- flat tires. The 224cc Champion single-cylinder OHV engine comes with a 3.4 gallon fuel tank and automatic low- oil shut down to prevent withering and retaining viscosity of the machine.

Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator



Item Weight

122 lbs


22.8 x 22 x 30.7 inches

Model Number


The generator has a 4 stroke, 224 cc Champion engine that can be started with a touch and produces an output of 4,750 starting W and 3, 800 running W for 9 hours on a full tank of gasoline and 10.5 hours on 20 pounds of propane. The tank has a 3.4 Gallon capacity.

There is one 120V 30A RV outlet, one 120V 30A locking outlet and two 120V 20A household outlets, all protected against power surges. The generator also has a low- oil shut down mechanism and a cast iron sleeve for endurance.



With an impressive below 5 % harmonic distortion, the Generac 6864, 5000 uses True Power Technology to create Diesel Powered Generators that have finesse and sensitivity in their electronics and operations.

It has an electric start which can be started by just one touch. It is especially built for professionals and work sites and thus it has a 1- ¼” steel frame that not only protects it but gives it the durability to weather any storm. Its 435cc engine and 12 gallon fuel tank can, at 50 % load, run for 32.4 intense hours.

Generac 6864, 5000 Running Watts/5500 Starting Watts, Diesel Powered Portable Generator



Item Weight

254 lbs


33.1 x 22.5 x 25.6 inches

Model Number


Equipped with the air- cooled Yanmar LW Series 435cc engine that uses single injection fuel technique which leads to efficient fuel consumption, the Generac 6864 5000 is made with True Power Technology that reduces it harmonic distortion to less than 5%.

The generator has a lifting eye to make it easy to carry around and port. The tank is a massive 12 Gallon which when fully filled, allows the generator to run for 32.4 long hours at 50% load.  It consist of a voltage selector 10/240 V and an hour meter that denotes maintenance intervals. For protection it has a 1- ¼” steel frame.



How did we decide this list as Top 10?

Behind this Top 10 list there is 60 hours of research. We contemplated more than 30 models and compared their features, specifications, and price. For complete knowledge on these models, we have analyzed upto 150 reviews. And finally, we came up with this Top 10 diesel generators list to match the requirement of each and every user.

Why do we need a Diesel Generator?

Diesel generators are widely- used, dependable sources of long- lasting energy used by houses, industries, schools, business, and etcetera. These are essentially required in cases of prolonged consumption and provide a smooth and regular voltage supply as opposed to its utility power. These are alternative sources of power when there is no source of utility or grid power.

In case of grid power absence, a diesel generator can be used for long durations with less care and proves to be a robust and reliable source of energy. For off- grid projects and businesses where there are no power lines available and power is required for machinery and other applications, a Diesel Powered Generator acts as a great alternative.

Also, during climatic disasters, diesel generators can power up houses and buildings for many days as long as the fuel tank is filled. This prevents disconnection with the world and helps in better coping and management.

How does a Diesel Generator work?

In basic terms, a diesel generator works by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. Now this electrical energy is not your conventional power plant electricity but is the result of electric current due to electromagnetic induction. This is the theoretical principle behind the working of a diesel generator.

A diesel generator has essentially 9 physical components that comprise the whole machine, they are, the engine, Alternator, Fuel system, Voltage regulator, Cooling and exhaust systems, Lubrication systems, Battery charger, Control Panel and Main Assembly Frame.

The Engine is the source of mechanical energy that is to be converted into electrical energy. This is achieved by a component of the alternator, called Armature or Rotor which is surrounded by powerful magnets. The armature rotates in central to the position of the permanent magnets, thus establishing an electromagnetic field. Another necessary sub- unit of the alternator is the Stator which are basically wire conductors that are firmly coiled around the rotor.

When mechanical energy from the diesel engine causes the rotor to move continually along the north and south poles of the magnetic field produced by the permanent magnets, the stator or bundled coils wrapped around it conduct a large amount of ‘to and fro’ electric current or AC (Alternating Current).

The fuel system has a tank and pipe that consist of the fuel, which, for a Diesel Powered Generator is diesel, that is required to spark the engine. The voltage regulator, as the name suggests, works to regulate the voltage to avoid the fluctuations in current output as the AC mains are large amounts unsteady current.

Since there is a lot of physical action that takes place for a very long duration in a Diesel generator, the machine tends to get very hot which is very undesirable and thus a coolant is given to the system to counter the heating effect produced by the machine. The exhaust releases the gases produced in the generator, through a pipe, outside of the generator. The Lubrication system helps relieve the machine from excess friction and the consequent withering from it and also facilitates smooth functioning of the generator.

Battery charger is used to charge the battery of the electric motor connected to the machine that starts the engine. The Control Panel can comprise of a start button in case of manual starting of the generator and can contain a lot other controls like the frequency check, statistics about the fuel and the coolant and etcetera.

The Main Assembly Frame is basically just a body that encases the whole generator into one body and protects its inside machinery from corrosion due to outside factors like rain, moisture, dust, etc. It also helps in diminution of the noise from the generator.

A larger engine and fuel tank can be used when there is a need of greater power output and usage for longer duration without constant refilling of the fuel tank.

Types of generators

Portable Generators:

Portable generators can either be powered by gas or diesel. They are used for temporary power supply and act as backups in times of grid power outage due to bad weather, natural disasters or repair and maintenance. These are used mostly used for domestic and personal uses but are also used widely by businesses to power light to moderate tools and machinery.

They have power outlets that can be plugged into by several appliances and tools that need power. Portable gensets are used for several purposes like tailgate parties, gardening, camping, RVs, business sites, etc.

Inverter Generators:

As the name suggests, an inverter generator works by converting the AC power produced by the generator into DC power using a switch that open and closes to change the polarity of the current and this current then flows through the circuit. This is the new Direct Current which is then again converted into AC power by an inverter.

This is done because the AC power has a lot of distortions and fluctuations and is not very smooth. By converting it into DC and then back into AC using mathematical algorithms helps it to overcome such distortions and in fact become better in comparison to grid power. Due to this working of an inverter generator, it has better fuel efficiency, more power output and newer designs are way quieter than the older ones.

Standby Generators:

These generators are the ones that can sense power outage on their own and come in play automatically by a transfer switch that sense the power cut and transfers all the electrical load from the electrical circuit of the building or house onto the generator.

They run on either gas, liquid propane or diesel. The air- cooled units are capable of powering certain appliances while the liquid- cooled gensets can power an entire house. They need to be fueled and cannot run infinitely

Diesel vs. Gasoline vs. Gas generators

This demarcation amongst the three is made on the basis of the fuel used by the generator.

Diesel generator Gasoline generator Gas generator
These use diesel as the fuel. These use gasoline as the fuel in the generator These use natural gas or liquid propane as the fuel
Diesel is not a clean fuel but has better combustibility than gasoline. It is the most efficient as it uses the lowest amount of fuel to produce the same amount of power Gasoline is not a clean fuel and less efficient than diesel because it works with a carburetor that mixes air and fuel which leads to less efficient use. Gas is the cleanest fuel amongst diesel, gasoline and itself.
It has the most power output as compared to gasoline and gas generators. It has better power output than gas generators but lower than diesel generators. It is fully combustible
These are more resilient and require less maintenance. As compared to diesel generators, these require more maintenance and can wear faster. Gas is distributed through pipelines and in case of a disruption of pipeline, it will not be workable.
Although, diesel is more expensive than gasoline and gas. These generators do not give a lot of power output as compared to its counterparts.
This uses the cheapest fuel.

Best Diesel Generator Brands

Diesel Generators are easy to maintain and use, however when it comes to pricing, these are a bit expensive than other generators like gasoline and all. Now let us have a look at the best brands of diesel powered Generators


Honda is a well- established and prominent multinational corporation known for its vehicles and power equipment. The first Honda generator was launched in 1965. It was the E300 portable generator with 300 VA output. As of today, Honda sells 21 types of generators to its buyers.


DuroStar is line of power equipment launched by the power systems company DuroMax. The DuroStar generators comprise of 11 portable generators that are dual fuel, gas based and gasoline based.


Since 2003, Champion is a renowned US- based company that manufactures and sells power equipment.


Generac Power Systems was founded in 1959 and was the first to launch a standby generator. It stands for its mighty reputation and has over 50 years of experience on power equipment and especially in generator manufacturing.


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What to look for in the Best Diesel Generator for home?

Diesel generators for domestic purposes need to be compact, easy to move around, easy to use and should be able to sufficiently power most domestic appliances. While purchasing a genset, one needs to be completely knowledgable of the power required by appliances in their house and the overall load. Proper calculation and estimation should be done beforehand to ensure that the diesel generator purchased is sufficiently able to power the household.

The criteria for choosing the Best Diesel Generator for Home Use is as follows:


After calculating the total amount of power consumed by several appliances and tools in a household, it becomes important to know about the wattage the gensets in the markets have to offer. It then becomes important to choose a generator that will adequately be able to power the household without overbearing itself.


Since what you’re looking for is a domestic generator, it is very crucial that the dimensions of the generator are reasonable and in accordance to your storing facility. Very bulky gensets can be hard to store, maintain and move around.


Domestic generators should be portable so that they can be used for gardening, camping and other such personal activities. It is better to search for gensets with wheels.

Number of outlets

While it is vital to find a genset that can power heftier electrical appliances, it is also essential that the genset has a reasonable amount of power outlets so that the user can plug their desired and practical amount of tools and appliances into it.

Fuel efficiency

There are gensets that turn off automatically when there is low fuel in the system and have mechanisms that enable saving up on fuel by making the most efficient use of it. You don’t want to be spending too much on fuel after you’ve just spent on the genset!

Durability and noise attenuation

Generators are innately sturdy machines that should take very little care but that is ensured by their protective casing and vibration mounting. It is very obvious to look for gensets that are nicely encased and framed to give you the best permanence out of the machine.

It is also essential that one keep in mind about the noise creation due a to a diesel generator. By simple asking for the noise created in Decibels, you can compare between gensets and then choose the one with the least amount of noise Decibels.


Generators do not give as stable power as a supply from mains. As the fuel gets lower in quantity, the instability of the generator may increase and the engine might surge. If you have to use any sensitive equipment, you should opt for a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).  They are mostly bought with computers to prevent loss of data in the event of a power cut.

To know the right size of Diesel Powered Generator for your home, you need to consider many factors. If you’re looking for a portable generator, you might want a generator that is smaller in size, otherwise depending on the space in your house that can comfortably fit a generator you can look for a generator.

Final Verdict

By this point it must have become clearer to you as to what YOU seek in your ideal generator. To sum it up, it should be clear that while most of the above mentioned diesel generators are versatile and can be used for domestic as well as industrial uses, products like Generac 6864, 5000 Running Watts/5500 Starting Watts, Diesel Powered Portable Generator are especially built for work sites and are not very portable. For RVs or mobile homes, Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator with Electric Start should be a perfect match.

The Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator with Remote Electric Start – 7500 Rated Watts & 9500 Peak Watts – Gas Powered – CARB Compliant – Transfer Switch Ready is more appropriate for domestic uses especially for inexperienced or elderly users.

While each gen set has its own virtues, it all boils down to the user’s need and which product compliments that need while also fairly settling with all other needs too. Reason your way to the right generator and power through!

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