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Big Brands Like Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell Donate to the Trump Re-Election Fund.

Big Brands like Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell donate to the Trump re-election fund

This Tuesday morning, Twitter was flooded with a new hashtag that said ‘Wendysisoverparty.’ News of trump-donating CEO of a fast-food company was falsely interpreted. Most people took it to be Wendy’s CEO. Wendy’s operates multiple fast-food restaurants across the country.

Muy! Companies operate franchises of Pizza hut, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s. It has outlets at various locations in the country. The company employs over 25000 people. It is rumored to have been in support of the president and thus is facing harsh consequences. People are also considering boycotting Wendy’s brand, beginning with the twitter hashtag, making it to number one on the trending list.

News sources say that the CEO of Muy! Companies, James Bodenstedt, has recently donated about $440,000 to president trump re-election campaign fund. He has also donated generously to the RNC since January 2019. There is news that he also donated about $200,000 to the Trump victory fund in March. FEC filings made this claim.

People or Wendy’s customers have not taken a backseat at this opportunity of criticizing the brand online. They are even using the hashtag to voice their complaints regarding the services and the food served at Wendy’s.

Although James Bodenstedt did attend a roundtable meeting with the president’s trump, the meeting was held regarding restaurant industry issues and concerns only. This meeting took place on May 18. News sources say that topics discussed in the meeting were mostly concerned with economic issues being faced by the restaurant industry, due to the sudden hit by COVID 19 pandemic. Smaller restaurant chains also discussed the necessity of some financial relief from the government in these difficult times.

This sudden outrage on twitter is not against the brand Wendy’s itself. It is more so against the CEO who donated about $440,000 to Trump re-election funds. It irked some of the twitter users who do not support the current president. It resulted in a hashtag being created and suddenly reaching the top of the trending list. 

An article published by Business Insider said that the hefty donation in March was what ensured CEO James Bodenstedt sat in the roundtable meeting. As of now, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut have not been facing the same treatment or, rather, the same criticism even though they belong to the same private Franchise.

Wendy’s online presence is important because of how authentic the brand has portrayed its personality on the social media platform. Its Twitter handle has about 3.7 million followers. Facing backlash in such a large number will put a dent into its online presence on twitter. The news of these donations has somehow resurfaced this week, while the people of the country are already upset with the government and authorities regarding the George Floyd incident. It has caused Wendy’s to bear the outcome of a lot of actions that were not its own.

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