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Big Tech Companies like YouTube are Keeping Pace with Evolving Guidance

Big tech companies like YouTube are keeping pace with evolving guidance

Big tech companies like YouTube have been taking aggressive measures to counter the problem of misinformation or false information. For instance, Youtube gives links to the World Health Organization in videos. As the days pass, guidelines do evolve, and these platforms then have to put a different set of apt measures, checks, and balances in place.

A collection of high quality breaking news videos has been made possible due to the persistent efforts of the platform. The videos on Youtube do not just have links to WHO but also attend to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other local or regional health authorities. As a consequence of this action, YouTube stated that the percentage of news consumption has increased to 75 percent than what it was only this time the previous year. 

Youtube gives links to CDC as well, and on a combined basis, these, along with the links to the WHO, have managed more than 20 billion clicks. That talks about the far-reaching impact the platform is making in the daily life of people. It is just there at the front, and as a user, you just cannot avoid looking at the same.

Then, recently Youtube took a giant step, which is the biggest of all. Only Facebook has been doing it so far. Thus, now we have relevant and reliable articles coming up for us to cross-check and check the facts. These are supplied in the search results. As there was an increase in misinformation related to coronavirus and COVID 19, its cure, prevention, origin, etc., platforms had to take a set of remedial measures.

The platform has already launched a fact check in Brazil and India. Further, they also have information panels that could be used in the case of conspiracies. Misinformation and lies can take any form like flat earth and anti-vaccine, hence it is important that the platforms remain vigilant and informs people about the same. It helps avoid a potential trouble maker situation.

With positive experiences in both countries, the platform was motivated to expand the same in the United States. This fact checks feature will be rolled out in many other countries as well.

Moreover, there is a problem that guidance seems to change with evolving time. For instance, earlier, they told us it was not mandatory to wear masks. Only the patients and medical professionals needed to do so. After that, they announced that wearing a mask was the most necessary thing to do. Certainly, that can put a lot of pressure on the platform to continue showing credible news.

But Youtube has its way of dealing with stuff. It lets the medical and authoritative sites show the results and put up an advisory. Thus, as a platform, this concept helps not only in delivering credible information but also in time. The links tend to interact with people and deliver information most timely. The platform has also deleted videos that violated the norms.

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