Bird Air Launches at Affordable Price with High-Tech Features

Social distancing has become a much-needed practice given the situation that has been brought forward by the ongoing pandemic. Public transportation hasn’t been as functional as it was during what we today call ‘the old normal’. Hence, new alternatives like electric scooters have come up. 

E-scooters are now rather popular among city dwellers because they are easier to navigate around city roads. Bird, one of the best players in the electric scooter market, has recently launched a new model of foldable e-scooter. Ideal for urban commuters, Bird Air, has been designed by a team of aerospace and automotive engineers to develop a product that is more compatible and user-friendly.

It can be said with proof that Bird Air is better than any other scooter in the market because it has more than 30 international and U.S. certifications regarding safety. One could even carry it on a bus or a train given the foldable design built on the concept of ‘stow and go’. 

Scott Rushforth, chief vehicle officer at Bird, spoke on the subject, “Bird Air was born out of the groundswell of support we’ve seen this year for mode shift and micro-mobility as individuals increasingly demand sustainable, socially distant transportation alternatives for their active lifestyles.”

Personal vehicles like Bird Air are the need of the present, and most probably the future because they allow for micro-mobility which is beneficial in a situation where too many cars on the road aren’t the best scenario. With products becoming more innovative, a broader audience would be able to reach out to purchase them, in turn helping ease the situation.

More and more people are expected to be seen on two wheels, as compared to them being in cars with innovative products like Bird Air. An e-scooter like that is good to take to work, a friend’s house, or even for grocery shopping to the store. Cities are planning routes and adding facilities that can strictly cater to letting on more e-scooters on the road.

With Bird Air, you get a range of 16 miles and a speed of 16 mph which is good enough for one person moving around the city. In a single charge of the 36-volt battery that has been installed, you can make an entire round trip to your nearest grocery store very easily.

The only aspect that might limit you a little is its weight capacity, which is 220 pounds, so you might want to watch out for the amount of stuff you carry during your commute. Too much weight on the e-scooter is not recommended.

Although, the rear motor with regenerative braking is present in the design of the scooter which helps extend the battery life. There is a stomp brake as well, which is good for emergencies, so as a rider you would be quite safe using the Bird Air on the road.

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