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Bird Launches New App to Help Stay in the Right Lane

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Bird has been a leading player in the micro-mobility market. With the recent increase in demand, the company is coming with varied new features and its existing system. The recent news is that the company will be rolling out a stand-alone app that is different from the app users have been using until now, under the name of Bird maps. 

The launch of the app is planned for only two locations as of now, Paris and Tel Aviv, as it will help the riders with turn by turn navigation so that their entire trip is smooth. It is best for riders who wish to make their entire trip through micro-mobility lanes or the bike offered by Bird.

The new app Bird maps is set to be launched for both iOS and Android. The entire software that has been created by the Israeli company Trailze’s navigation software. The company itself is a start-up that has been able to map the urban grid while keeping micro-mobility. Hence, the teaming up makes a lot of sense for Bird. 

The testing of the app will be first done in two locations, as mentioned, and then the pilot results will decide whether or not it is a venture that other cities where Bird e-scooters are available should get this facility. The time for which the pilot will be done is unknown yet.

Bird has tried to prioritize Bike lanes, wide roads, and paths with less traffic with Bird maps. The app will be giving audio directions along with some visuals to the rider continuously during the entire ride to facilitate this. The audio method will be the main feature driving the aim behind the launch of the app. Phone mounts are not being tested by the company just yet, and that would be the only safe way for riders to experience the visual aspect of the app. 

On the launch of the new app, Patrick Studener, head of Bird EMEA, says that as more and more people commit to shared micro-mobility and as more resources are being invested in the same, their aim is only to allow users to navigate easily. 

Paris and Tel Aviv are two very conscious choices that Bird has made because these two cities have recently committed to and eventually developed micro-mobility lanes. The maps app will make it easier for riders around the city and help them rely less on cars while using a cleaner transportation mode. It becomes a win-win situation for all. 

Ridership will be boosted in the coming future as the usage of micro-mobility resources becomes easier. It will build goodwill for the company along with more revenue, and if this safer alternative works well, Bird would be welcomed in more cities. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has led 300 cities across the globe to designate 2600 miles as slow lanes, and temporary bike lanes and Bird, along with Trailze, have found new opportunities in this.

Image source: Techcrunch

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