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Bird’s Electric Scooters Return to Streets in Richmond

Bird’s Electric Scooters Return to Streets in Richmond

Bird has announced that it is coming back to Richmond after a temporary suspension of work due to the coronavirus pandemic. The company’s scooters are making a pleasant return as a step towards reintroducing their products in the market. Bird is reported to follow the path of phased rolling out with regards to safety norms.

A few weeks ago, Bird had disappeared from the market owing to the conundrum created by the zoonotic virus all over the world. The pandemic has had a lot of financial tribulations to be suffered by both small and big enterprises. Again, there was an uncertainty on the part of workers. Their attendance was subject to the conditions prevailing all over. As such, Bird had decided then to suspend work.

Now that the West Coast-based startup has resumed its working, it will eye a planned and phased rolling out of all its devices across countries. The startup, which has a good presence in some 100 cities across the globe, has a long way to go. First and foremost is the need to ensure smooth working conditions while following safety rules and physical distance.

It should be known that the company is eager to follow a more methodical and measured approach to bring out the rollouts in partnership with cities across the world. A company spokesperson had stated so in an email, where she also underlined that the steps taken in this direction at the time by the company would facilitate essential operations.

The spokeswoman, who did not wish to be named, said that a number of operations such as commute, medical appointments, and grocery shopping would witness an impact. It would be a slow and measured approach. The company will cautiously look up to getting its branches throughout the globe opened again. However, she did not respond to other questions when asked if the scooters were to be placed in Richmond.

Therefore, at the time, there is hardly any detail regarding what the company expects in terms of rolling out locally and its use there. The rollout in Richmond had started just the previous week, and the company had stated that it would thoroughly utilize the prevailing extended sanitation practices as it brings its scooters to the markets again.

Bird had retreated in March, which was just months after it announced a $ 275 million raised in capital. After the raise, the company went through another in which it touched $ 350 million. That raise happened in January as the investors had been keen to demand to start working and initiate the action. Thus, it had already raised $ 75 million in January. Even then, the electric scooters’ startup, Bird, laid off more than 400 of its employees owing to economic instability during the disease outbreak.

Not all scooter companies have followed Bird’s example. Another company that has a considerable presence in Richmond, Bolt Mobility, did not interrupt its services or roll back its devices as Bird did in March. In place of suspending, the company rather argued that its scooters stand as a safer and more sanitary alternative to public transports, which can be very useful for the users.

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