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BISSELL to Sell New Cordless Pet Stain Eraser for $119.99

BISSELL to sell new cordless pet stain eraser for $119.99

Pets are fun to have at home, but things can become a bit annoying for almost everyone when you have to clean up behind them. Here is when additional helping hands like vacuum cleaners come in handy. A vacuum cleaner like the BISSELL Cordless Pet Stain Eraser Powerbrush portable carpet cleaner is designed to be ready for anything and everything in your home when it comes to cleaning. 

Any kind of mess that can be potentially created by your furry friends can also be cleaned up well by this very powerful vacuum cleaner. Lauren Fuller, brand manager of portable deep cleaners for BISSELL Homecare, Inc explains why the vacuum cleaner is good for a pet owner specifically, “This product is the only portable carpet cleaner we offer with a rotating brush that powers through tough messes with little effort. With its cordless convenience and ready-to-use formula, this little cleaner is truly grab-and-go.”

Every day cleaning up behind your pet would become much easier with the help of the BISSELL Cordless Pet Stain Eraser Powerbrush portable carpet cleaner. It is much better than its predecessor, with the 25 percent more suction power added to the design. Stains and odors are sure to be gone from the carpet, so every time your pet messes up, you won’t have to quickly run to get a paper towel so that it doesn’t stain.

The Bissell vacuum cleaner has been designed with some very time saving and innovative features. The dirt lifter power brushes are the key feature that drives the powerful design as you would be able to get the toughest of stains out of the carpet or upholstery. There’s add on cordless convenience`, so you won’t be restricted like one usually is with a cord’s presence.

Easy clean another main design feature because there is no need even to mix water. The pre-mixed formula is good to go for quick cleaning. The tank, brush roll, and suction lens are all removable, so the user can also clean up the vacuum cleaner when required. 

The new cordless vacuum cleaner from BISSELL is set to be available in the market this October. It would be retailing for $119.99, which is pretty affordable and reasonable for a vacuum cleaner to be used regularly. 

BISSELL has also developed some of the most innovative floor care solutions for the industry, and the pet stain cleaner is one of them. Most of the products that are sold by the brand sell at the top in the market. There are much more powerful vacuum cleaners also available with the brand, but if you are looking for something that can be used as frequently, this is the best one.

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