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Blackberry Developing OS for Xpeng Cars

Blackberry developing OS for Xpeng cars

There was a time when Blackberry mobile phones had become extremely popular with the young audience, but today the company is almost out of the game. Although, the time taken by the company has been put into transitioning towards creating software for connected devices. 

The new segment of the business that the Canadian company Blackberry has started is being brought into China. This week, it was announced that the company is venturing into supporting the Level 3 driving domain controller of Xpeng. It is the local competitor of the worldwide known brand Tesla but the most funded electric-vehicle startup in China. 

Blackberry has developed its operating system called QNX, which has been built into Xpeng’s intelligent cockpit. The system developed here has the compatibility to compete with android and Linux simultaneously, as the plan is to use the same for Xpeng’s next-gen models.

The tie-up between Xpeng and Blackberry involves another very renowned company working in automotive system integrators, Desay SV. Previously a Sino-German joint venture, the company is now acting as the middleman between the two. Since Desay SV has been selling to many automotive brands and original equipment manufacturers in China, the collaboration makes sense. 

Xpeng’s popularly known electric car has many collaborators in terms of the features installed in it. The car’s domain controller is the NVIDIA’s Xavier cockpit chip for automated cars, which indicates that many foreign technologies have been involved in developing the model to its existing stage.

Many models have been brought to the front by Xpeng, but the most well-received one has been the electric sports Sedan numbered P7. In an announcement about the car, it was informed that “the vehicle’s driving status provides 360-degree omnidirectional perception with real-time monitoring of the surrounding environment to make safe driving decisions.”

The collaboration between Xpeng, Desay SV, and Blackberry look like a venture to build one of the best cars we might have seen. Desay SV Automotive has been known to have a good amount of experience with intelligent cockpits, smart driving, and connected services, which are the key features of the cars being developed by Xpeng.

In a statement by John Wall, the senior Vice President co-head of BlackBerry Technology Solutions also mentioned why it is suitable for this venture. He said that “Augmented with the safety expertise of BlackBerry QNX, together we can address the diverse needs of an auto industry that is undergoing a meaningful transformation.”

Blackberry considers it a privilege to be working with Xpeng on their P7 model of the electric car. The venture of the two has only been possible after Xpeng has raised $1.1 billion through its initial public offering in New York. The competitors of the company in China have also been taking similar steps.

Image Source: TechCrunch

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