BMW confirms its next 7 Series will include an Electric car

BMW has confirmed that it is bringing its next BMW 7 series, which will spawn an electric car model as well. The new line-up of the cars in the next generation of Series 7 luxury sedan models was revealed in an article at Auto car.

The newest line-up of BMW cars will be available in four versions: one of the versions comes equipped with a gasoline-burning engine. There is another which runs on a diesel version while the third one boasts of a plug-in hybrid, and finally, we have the fourth one that is going to be an electric car. The fourth one shall be the electric power train.

The cars will become available in the early 2020s, but there is one more thing to note. Not all versions of the car will be made available at first when the starting model makes its grand presence. It was stated that the all-electric version is going to be the most powerful among the four types of car models. The details were commented upon by none other than Oliver Zipse, BMW’s Chairman of the Board of Management.

The all-electric version is also going to be operated by a powerful battery, which means that BMW has decided to bring to its buyers the all-new electric car. With the most powerful member of the Sedan family just about to arrive, it is relevant to note that it would be enjoying a weight above the combustion engine versions. 

The enthusiastic buyers will be up and sprinting in due course, thanks to a variety of options that they can choose from. There shall be six, eight, and twelve-cylinder variants as well, which the buyers can select from. In the coming years, up until 2023, at least 12 fully electric cars have been planned to be released. It is not that the company does not have any rivals. It is likely to get sufficient competition from Mercedes Benz EQS in the subsequent years.

As per BMW’s Chairman, Zipse, the brand is planning to bring a range of variants that are likely to exist with one another. By the year 2023, BMW shall be bringing at least 25 different kinds of electric cars, which may also give way to the electrified 7 Series. 

BMW has enjoyed the glory of its highly acclaimed fifth-generation electric technology. It is said that the electrified 7 series shall be powered by none other than the same fifth-generation electric technology. This technology gets to be the one that will power the i4 version as well. However, it is not known if or not this series will have a confirmed date of launch.

Since the current lineage of cars are here to stay up until the coming year of 2022, the new 7 series might have to wait a little longer before being revealed. There might be some more years before the electrified 7 series makes its entry. At the conference, the automaker company touched upon the production side avenues while it did not tell much about the technical details.

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