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Boeing Australia’s First Drone Flies with Artificial Intelligence

Boeing Australia’s First Drone Flies with Artificial Intelligence

Boeing Australia has given Australia’s military a creation to feel proud. This technology is nothing but an indigenously designed drone that works through artificial intelligence. The prototype of the drone was present to the Air Force. The intelligent drone that was launched in Sydney would be eyeing production in a few years.

The drone is vested with amazing prowess. It can be used for military observation, surveillance missions, and intelligence, and it would be able to shift quickly between its multiple roles. The drone is equally capable of being deployed in wartime and has the potential to work wonders. It is going to be a prototype of a jet-powered drone that can be deployed at all times, be it war or peacetime.

The drone takes the help of artificial intelligence to navigate its way and complete its assignments. Not just that, it can get aligned with a nearby flying aerial vehicle and fly in alliance with that. Without any second thoughts, the drone shall be able to maintain enough distance between itself and the other vehicle flying. It can be reiterated at this opportune time that the addition of this technology has added extra brownie points for the Australian defense.

The jet-powered drone has been named Loyal Wingman and is 38 feet long, which is around 11.5 meters. The AI-based drone is equipped to work with a range of 2,000 miles, which amounts to a nice 3,218.6 kilometers. The drone has everything in its bag to help it use artificial intelligence to fly independently. At this time, Boeing Australia is making 3 prototypes. 

The one that got its due launch on Tuesday happens to be just one of them. Moreover, the drone can also fly with the help of a manned aircraft, which, as per Boeing’s website on the project, will fly vis-à-vis “maintaining a safe distance between other aircraft.”

The drone is indeed a very special project for the country and its defense segment. As per reports, the drone gets to be the first-ever in 50 years to be designed, engineered, and made in Australia. That being said, one can have no qualms about saying that the drone is a wholly indigenous project of the island country.

More than 100 high tech jobs have already been created with the due process owing to work required in the department. As the production begins, more number of jobs shall be created. It is a bonus point for an economy grappling with the serious shocks of the coronavirus pandemic and its economic tortures. The drone production will be a great deal of support in mitigating the current crisis and fighting the adverse effects of the coronavirus.

The AI-based drone will also be capable enough to defend or protect the country’s more expensive combat aircraft, for example, the F-35 stealth fighters and their pilots. Once they are made functional, there is no doubt that they would be an invaluable asset to the existing defense machinery in the future. 

The plans for launching this were aired some 15 months ago. The project stands at a total expense of about $ 40 million.

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