Bolt is Ready to Bring its Fourth-Generation Scooter into the Market

Bolt’s ride-sharing operations are quite known to many. However, it has also spread out the operations of its electric scooters across 45 European cities. The firm’s internal hardware team has designed this latest scooter prototype by giving top priority to rider and commuter safety.

Bolt has revealed a picture of the upcoming scooter. The scooter weighs approximately 19 kg, which is higher than the weight contained by an average-sized bike. The battery can help the scooter cover a distance of approximately 40 km. Aluminum is the main element used in manufacturing the battery. 

The company claims that the battery can survive up to 5 years as it has a modular framework. The individual scooter units can be changed without the need of having to change the complete scooter altogether, and this would be done by Bolt itself. 

Bolt has also employed a few sensors that have been integrated into the scooter. These sensors can notify the company if there is any unpleasant occurrence like an accident or if any rider is not following safety protocols during driving. For example, if any rider applies sudden brakes or if at all he bumps into something or if the rider falls, Bolt would immediately be notified of the same.

The scooter itself would warn the rider if he is employing dangerous and incorrect techniques while driving. The rider would be warned either visually or via an audio message, stating the dos and don’ts to be followed when riding on the scooter.

A dashboard has been consolidated on the scooter. That would display all the necessary details and information to the rider. For instance, if the driver is entering into a section where walkers or joggers are in plenty, they would be notified via the dashboard. That is true even when certain areas have a speed limit, and riders need to abide by the required speed. The dashboard passes on such useful information to the rider.

Not only this, but the rider will also be notified of whether he is parking the scooter in a no-parking zone or any such location. Bolt is working towards making the front light of the scooter blink continuously whenever it enters sensitive areas.

Most of the electric scooters arriving off late have been adopting those models in which the battery of the scooter can be replaced easily without having to shift the complete scooter setup. Electric scooters coming with removable batteries in which just the batteries need to be changed much more productive and cost-effective when compared to those models that require replacing the complete scooter altogether.

Not too long ago, Bolt revealed that it plans to increase its scooter strength to almost double its current count. By 2021, the ride-hailing service intends on plying at least 130,000 electric scooters and bikes within major cities in Europe. It plans on spreading its scooter operations across 100 cities within Europe itself. Some of these cities include London, Sweden, Portugal, France, and many more. One needs to wait and watch on how far Bolt would keep up its promises in 2021.

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