Bolt’s E-Bikes and Scooters are Set to Ply on London Roads from Next Year

Bolt, a ‘micro-mobility’ and transport services provider firm based in Estonia, would be launching e-bikes and scooters in London quite soon, as early as next year. Not just London, the transportation service provider organization plans on launching these vehicles in as many as 100 cities or even more. Roughly, about 130,000 electric vehicles belonging to Bolt would be plying on many big cities’ roads.

All of this is expected to happen in 2021. By launching 130,000 of its e-bikes and scooters all over Europe, it would be proceeding towards becoming the most important electric vehicle operator all over the country. As an important step within its business extension plan, Bolt plans on putting in a hefty amount of about £89 million.

Markus Villig, CEO and co-founder of the transportation company, the only thing that could save these huge cities from heavy air pollution levels, was to bring more and more electric vehicles as they do not cause any emissions. Furthermore, the heavy traffic and limited parking places within big cities add to consumer woes. Owing to these reasons, the company has decided on expanding its operations within Europe.

According to Villig, the main cause that deters people from switching over to electric vehicles is its high cost. That is precisely the reason that Bolt’s prices are quite within everyone’s budget.

A Bolt employee has provided a statement saying, “Our research suggests London is split 50:50 between whether they’d take a ride-hailing ride or an electric scooter for a short journey – which we believe is a positive sign and one we’re in a unique position to facilitate with our multi-modal offer.”

The representative further added that irrespective of the COVID-19, London had witnessed a big leap in Bolt’s driver and rider counts. That only proves that customers are very pleased with the transportation firm’s comfortable and budgetary assistance. The company is looking out to expand its business in many possible ways.

Bolt reveals that it ranks second when it comes to being the major transportation services provider in London. The company boasts of having almost 50,000 drivers and more than 2 million customers on its platform.

In the past few months, Bolt is treading at a fast-forward pace to expand its micro mobility operations to about 45 cities taken from about 15 European nations. These locations include Sweden, France, and Portugal, amongst many more.

Bolt also introduced the e-bike sharing operations on its platform, becoming the first such company to have multiple services like electric scooters and bikes along with the ride providing service, all under its roof. Having multiple services under its brand, undoubtedly, Bolt is racing towards becoming the transportation service provider in Europe.

Matt Barrie, the Country Manager for the Rentals-UK&I section in Bolt, claims that the organization is providing much-needed assistance to both native and well as national lawmakers so that these electric scooters get a legal license to operate in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

She further stated that “Bolt’s unique multi-modal customer proposition will unlock tremendous value in providing urban citizens with the appropriate sustainable transportation options, to quickly, safely and affordably move around their city.”

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