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Boosted Known to Develop two Bikes and Electric Skateboard

Boosted Known to Develop two Bikes and Electric Skateboard

A new piece of information reveals that Boosted was working to make two bikes and a powerful skateboard before being defunct. The company was meticulously involved in its bike and skate project before some time. It has come to our knowledge that the company was also engaged in its collaboration with Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse.

It was Sam Sheffer who came up with pictures of the brand new developments in the startup company. The pictures of both these electric scooters and skateboards and more have surfaced, thanks to the Youtuber, who was formerly working in a reputed gadget publishing company. A retailer in San Francisco obtained the rest of the inventory of the now-defunct company, which was still there.

The bike models that look akin to electric bikes were called P2 and Bullet for whom the type of throttle has not been recognized. It is not known what the difference between the two had been. In any case, the company was planning to put more of the specific nuances, and the work remains unaccomplished.

A duplicate board, also called a mockup board, had been located as well. The same has got a name too. It is called the “Boosted Ultimate,” which seems like a high power Boosted board of long size. It is likely to have four motors. One motor each shall be placed by each wheel, which would most probably give it fast acceleration and a high speed as well.

Then, there is the birdhouse board which is a skateboard, whose photos have been taken by Sheffer. It looks much like a Boosted Mini. There are 4 small wheels for the locomotion. Moreover, the design looks good too. The main body has been painted in black or greyish kind of black. The edges are marked in blue, which gives a definition to the skateboard.

The company is also working on Boosted Rev which is a scooter and was placed next to the Boosted Rev scooter from the previous year. It is not known whether the company was inclined to make just a prototype of its earlier scooter or planned to take up something totally new. In all probability, not a lot is known about the differences between the two varieties.

As if all this was not enough, Sheffer took a few more pictures of the work going on. An LED board titled “Boosted Little,” which seems as if it could have been a version two of the previously shown Boosted V2 electric skateboard. After that, we are also lucky to spot a picture of a Boosted board which has got a white LED light that gracefully marks the curves and runs around the sides of the LED board.

The startup dealt with electric skateboards. Now it is not functional. We know that Lime has acquired the company’s assets. Lime is a renowned scooter company. In all that, the defunct startup’s unfinished products found a way to the tech Youtuber’s close scrutiny.

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