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Brizzly+ comes with a new ‘Undo Tweet’ feature in Twitter

Brizzly+ comes with a new ‘Undo Tweet’ feature in Twitter

We all know how exasperating it can get with Twitter at times, because of their ‘no edit’ feature. Also, there are no hopes of getting an edit button in future updates to come. But there is good news for all, as Brizzly+, a client of Twitter has released a feature called ‘Undo’ which comes very close to the edit button. For those who do not know what Brizzly+ is, it is a third party interface for both Facebook and Twitter. Brizzly+ has released a newly revived version of it, and it is a lot better than how it used to be like in 2009.

Brizzly+ has come up with a lot more features other than just the ‘undo’ button, but this is the only feature that has taken the people by storm. In Twitter, once you have posted your tweet, you cannot edit it. The tweet may include some information you did not wish to share or some typo. But instead of editing, you will have to remove the entire tweet itself. That is exactly where the update for Brizzly+ comes in.

In the undo feature, Brizzly+ gives you a 10 minutes buffer time after you have posted your tweet. This tweet will not appear in the official Twitter page, and you can edit or undo it within this said 10 minutes. Although it is not an edit feature, it still gives you enough time to correct the mistake you have made in your Tweet. Other than this, you can increase or decrease the buffer time for your posts with the maximum being 10 minutes. In 10 minutes you can undo, modify or completely delete the tweet as per your wish.

After the release of this new update by Brizzly+, users can avoid the unnecessary embarrassment being caused to them because of the typos or the silly mistakes in their tweet. Not able to edit an existing tweet has been cited as one of the major issues in Twitter for which many users have submitted feedback to the company, but no step has been taken for it.

Unlike Twitter, Facebook has a very editable interface, where you can post, update, and share and edit it as many times you want, and whenever you want. Not only editable posts, but Facebook also gives you the privilege to edit your comments that you have made in your post or someone else’s. Along with edit, Facebook gives you along with other users the permission to view the edit history of any post or comment made. This makes it one of the most transparent social media platform.

Brizzly+ has surely brought relief on the face of many users with their undo button. But they have also introduced a ‘redo’ button with it. The redo button is the exact opposite of undo and it will help you fix the error caused in an already existing tweet. In the redo button, you can replace any existing tweet with a new one after it has been posted. In your old tweet, you can click on the redo button, the app will copy its contents to a text field, where you can edit it. Upon clicking on the send button, the app will delete your old tweet and replace with the new edited tweet. 

Yes, the updates are not editing an existing tweet posted on Twitter but it surely is a clever update that works around the ability to add extra features that works almost like an edit. At the end of the day, both the undo and redo feature saves you the embarrassment that has been occurring for a long time indeed. To enjoy this privilege from the Brizzly+ app, you may have to take a monthly subscription at a very minimal price of $6.

Currently, Twitter has no plans of adding any editable feature to its user interface, as they are working on some existing bug fixing and adding some new feature to the existing app. Till then, Twitteratis can surely make do with the Brizzly+ app subscription and enjoy their undo and redo feature. Hopefully, Twitter will come up with a better solution than that in their new updates by the end of this year. 

Twitter is a place where people from celebrities to politicians and activists can voice their opinion online, and gain massive followers for their campaign or agenda. You can also post your own opinion on their matters to garner support for it.

Image Source: The Verge

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