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Broadcom CEO’s Call Suggests the iPhone Launch Might be Delayed

Broadcom CEO’s call suggests the iPhone launch might be delayed

No official word has come from Apple itself, but Broadcom CEO’s comments on the quarterly earnings of the company point towards the rumors that the launch will be delayed a few weeks this year.

Under normal circumstances, iPhones have been known to be launched around September, and the delay in launch could result in a noticeable impact on the earnings of the companies involved in it. 

The rumors around the new iPhone being launched later than usual have gained credibility through the statement of Broadcom’s CEO’s call. The call mentions that a large North American mobile phone customer, referencing apple, would normally contribute a major amount of money to their revenue, but that won’t be seen until the fourth fiscal quarter. 

The company also expects its quarter three revenue to be down significantly, given the current situation across the world. On being questioned further about the matter, indicated that the company is in it, but the timing is still under question. 

The delay in the launch could come from the global coronavirus pandemic, which has also become the reason for many other events being up in the air for a while. Lockdowns across countries have disrupted travel, and while employees are working from home, a significant effect could be seen in the planned events. The launch that was planned by Apple is merely a mirror to all of it. 

It won’t be something new apple does by launching the new iPhone later in the year. Most launches for new models have been in the second half of September, but in certain circumstances like with iPhone X in 2017, major models were released later in the year. 

Phone makers like Apple usually order components ahead of the time of the launch. Since the typical release is around September, it would be the month of July or the third quarter for Broadcom, where they can expect new orders from the company. Although, The CEO’s statement indicates otherwise. Apple has followed the same timeline for some time, but the makers say that it is not happening this year. 

The CEO of Broadcom also added that nothing has changed for them in terms of orders or design or what they are planning, only product delays will lead to the company’s third-quarter this year bearing the trough of it all. 

The company has also informed that the demand for handsets would certainly decline in the coming time as more and more people are working from home and are rather looking forward to a better wireless connection. Broadcom’s results on Thursday also indicate a supply constraint in the future.

Image source: Engadget

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